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Wednesday Beer Log – March 14.2

Hello Beer Lovers!

I am continuing a four-part beer log this week, because I have so much to tell you about this past Saturday’s 4th Annual BEERTOPIA! A Festival Of Beer event that was put on by Baxter Village’s own Grapevine Wine Shop in Fort Mill, SC.

The festival is an annual benefit for the Pints For Prostates organization, and this year additionally supported both York County Cancer Association, and the Charlotte Beer Girls’ choice organization, Project Halo.

Today I am going to outline all of the homebrew beers that I tasted and my thoughts – including comments from my buddy Jim who tried a few that I did not. Thursday and Friday will be the non-homebrew beers available and my taste thoughts on those. :-)

Home Brewers (Competition where everyone voted for their favorite):

– Rusty Agee –> Italian Pale Ale — This beer won 4th place! However none of us ended up actually trying it. Insert sad face here. 😦

– Baby Bear Brewing –> Persnickety Doodle —  I tried this beer and it was a bit hoppy but full of flavor, pretty good overall.

– Bou Baker –> Mocha Bear — I LOVED this beer. This beer won 2nd place! All of us agreed that this was a truly superb concoction. Coffee + Chocolate + Honey + Beer = GiveMeAMoment Deliciousness!

– Troy Bigelow –> Pecan Porter — I really liked this beer. A lot. You could taste the roasted-toasted pecans but not too overwhelmingly, while it had a nice heavy porter build to the beer. Delicious.

– Jason Bridges –> Razzilla — None of us tried this beer saadly, however I will say that standing next to it at one point – it smelled delicious and raspberry-y with some undernotes of vanilla. Yes, someone next to me was drinking it AND a heavy breather… 😉

– Josh Davis –> Mallard Reaction — Sadly none of us tried this one either. Boo us.

– Ben Dolphens –> Hopgasm — This beer placed 5th! Jim tried this so I can say that his opinion was this beer was hoppy but not overwhelmingly so, and it was more hoppy than the Hoppopotamus. He enjoyed it.

– Arnold Fry –> Breakfast Milk Stout — We all tried this one. I liked it, it was a good stout, a good breakfast coffee flavor to it, pretty creamy profile to it – but this was dwarfed by the Mocha Bear for the coffee porters for us all. But it was good, especially if you prefer your coffee chocolate-free, you’d like it a lot!

– Randy Griesman –> Kumahwannaleia — Sadly, again, none of us tried this one. 😦

– Matthew Harter –> The Professor’s Black IPA — Okay this was hands down all of our favorites, the one 4/5 of us voted for (the other girl voted for Mocha Bear). We all LOOOOOVED this beer. I don’t know how it didn’t place. Seriously, the Black IPA was hoppy but had under and over tones of nuts and honey and lots of yummy hops. Mmmm. Mmmm. Good.

– Just Two Dudes –>Wicked Rye — Jim is not sure which Rye he tried, however he thinks it was this one. He enjoyed it despite not being a fan of Rye beers, though!

– Legal Remedy Brewing –> Privileged Porter — This beer won 1st place!!! Which is awesome! Then you learn that none of us tried it. And that is so NOT awesome. Booo us yet again. 😦

– Shawn McBride –> Mocha-Chino Breakfast Stout — This was a good breakfast stout with a good undercurrent of chocolate. I will say the Mocha Bear was better overall, but this was definitely not a slouch beer by any means on its own!

– Moonshadow Brewery –> Crescent Blue — This beer placed 3rd! Yet again, a beer we didn’t try that placed –  clearly we were missing out big time!

– Candice Payne –> God Bless American Ale — This beer is actually by some acquaintances of mine, and I really enjoyed it. This was a slightly hoppy and citrusy ale that just tasted like a good go-to beer for after a long day. Or a short one. I really enjoyed it!

– Mark Payne –> Blood Ale (Last Year’s Winner) — Like the GBA Ale, this is by some acquaintances of mine, and I really enjoyed this one also. This was last year’s #1 pick of the homebrew competition, and I can see why. It had a very subtle orange note to it that just flavored the aroma, first sip, undercurrent flavors and the aftertaste all very deliciously. Really good ale here!

– Mike Schenk –> California Rye — Another beer we didn’t try (or so Jim thinks he didn’t try this one!)… Sad for us, yes indeed.

– Derek Sheffield –> Ruby’s Summer Wit — And another one bites the dust of missed beers by our collective group.

– Greg Smith –> West Coast Hoppopotamus — Jim tried this and thought it was a good lightly hoppy beer.

– Bill Stayduhar –> Ryder Haus Hefe — Jim tried this one also and enjoyed it. I really wish I’d been able to find this one, because I looooove Hefes. Darnitall!

– Scott Watson –> Ivanna Chokolat — No one in our group tried this one, though I did hear good things about it from a lot of the ladies!

Basically, in summation, there wasn’t a bad homebrew to be tried, and there were clearly more homebrews offered than we knew what to do with. Next time, next year, we know that we need to divide and concur MUCH more efficiently and much earlier in the day! 😉

So that is today’s edition – March 14.2 – of the Beer Log entries. To be continued tomorrow…!

Craft You Later,

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