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Pinterest Craft Ideas 2.5

Hello Crafters,

Pinterest Craft Ideas 2.5 is here! Okay, so I skipped a few iterations… so sue me! (Please, please, please do NOT sue me! It’s not fun to sue a short brunette, I promise, that holds NO entertainment value at all, seriously!!!)

Anyways. I am delivering on my promise from last week of giving y’all some Fall-Inspired Pinterest Craft Inspirations! Hope you enjoy these!

—Bonus, here are two yummy recipes I found for Pumpkin Dips to put in this display!
* TodaysMama’s Pumpkin Dip
* Pass The Fresh’s Fluffy Pumpkin Apple Dip

Hope you enjoy these inspirations, and until next time…

Craft You Later,

Pinterest Craft Ideas 2.0

Hello Crafting Friends!

So since I know that the craft ideas I originally posted a long while back were well received, I decided to do another grouping of craft ideas brought to us by Pinterest.com! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Summer Lovin’ Had Me A Blast:

Next week I am going to have a “Fall” installation of this from Pinterest, with a few nationwide activities to add in for Fall Festivals and Events! Hope you all enjoy these craft (food, kid & adult party fun) ideas as much as I enjoyed looking them up! Go get your craft on and let me know if you try any of these, and how they work out!

Craft You Later,

Craft Meet Up: Letters To Our Troops

Hello Crafting Friends,

I have an idea that I have been tossing around for awhile now in my own mind. I think it would be super fun to meet at a local Park in Charlotte, as a group, and do a craft activity. I also think it would be awesome if said craft served a purpose other than just being fun. Like, say, being something we send to the troops before Veteran’s Day…. hmm? Hmm? Hmm?!?!!!

So I was looking around this place called the internet (you may have heard of it), and I found this organization called Operation Gratitude, which has a whole section of its services being geared towards volunteers writing letters to troops (active, and veterans of past conflicts). HELLO we have a winner!

operation gratitude handmade card marine troops

Handmade Cards to Troops

Because this organization is based in California, and I (we) am in North Carolina, I cannot organize anything to go volunteer at the actual volunteer events. However if you’re reading this in Cali, and want to get some community service in, go check out their volunteer schedule. Or if you’re not in NC nor CA and want to donate to the cause, you can do so here to help send care packages to military personnel overseas.

operation gratitude handmade card army troops

More Handmade Cards to Troops

Anyways, back to my plan. I would like to organize a meet-up for Sunday, October 28, 2012, in order to get a group together to get this started. I have a park in mind, but figure I will see how the date works first before nailing down a park.

1) Get together at a specified date and time (Sun Oct 28 @ 3pm?).
2) Everyone brings a few supplies (no glitter!) to decorate cards (markers, crayons, stickers, colored pencils, pens, stencils, stamps, etc) for everyone to share.
3) I will supply a good amount of cream and white card stock cards (pre-folded), based on the amount of participants.
4) Make cards following these guidelines for the troops and veterans of past conflicts (your choice)! This includes possibly including your information for responses, if you so chose, or you can use mine.
5) Everyone gets together and shares in a craft activity for a good cause outdoors for ~1 hour, and maybe makes some new friends as well!
6) I will then ship the cards to the donation location for delivery to the troops, and pass along any responses that I get from OG or the troops to whom our cards are sent.

So… I really need your responses people, for real. Is this something you would be interested in doing? Is this something that sounds fun and crafty to you? Is this something you would actually respond to my blog with a “YES I AM IN!” at all?!? Responses appreciated sooner rather than later, but at least by Monday October 22, so I can plan and plot accordingly! Oh, and please include your email so that I can include you in our plans! (Yes, I am being optimistic here!)

Give me your thoughts, pretty please, and let me know if you would be up for doing this craft volunteer outdoor adventure together! We can adjust the date and time if need be, but please let me know about any interest you have in this!

Craft You Later,

September 11 Service Thanks – Cards

Hello Craft Friends,

I posted yesterday about a September 11 baking event that I did, and wanted to continue with the cards that I made to go with them for the Mecklenburg County Sheriff Offices.

thank you service members card american flag call of duty stars & stripes

Thank you cards!

Now, keep in mind that these were made by me for a work-sponsored volunteer opportunity, so not officially “my company” doing this at all. Also keep in mind that I wrote the messages mostly the same for all 8 locations that I provided thank you baked goods for, with differences only in the cards’ fronts!

Start with some blank card stock cards, like these from Hobby Lobby or Michaels:

card stock blank card envelope hobby lobby

Hobby Lobby Blank Cards

Then add a few stickers like these American Flags and Heroes Stickers:

hobby lobby american heroes stickers honor brave pride courage call of duty

hobby lobby american flag stickers

Stick one flag and one heroes sticker on the front of each card. Write “Thank You” in big letters in the middle of the stickers in a Calligraphy, Cursive, Block or Funky Script. On the inside of the card, write a little (or big) note with a normal pen, and sign it with a Calligraphy (or other fancy) pen – again using one of the script styles of your choice!

calligraphy pens fine point card making hobby lobby

Calligraphy Pens for Card Making

You can find inspiration from the heart or from quotes and other cards to make your inside design!

thank you service members card american flag call of duty stars stripes card front

Thank you cards – front!

thank you service members card american flag call of duty stars stripes inside message

Thank you cards – inside!

Craft You Later,

100th Post Giveaway Winner

Hi Friends!

Congratulations to Ashley F. for winning the giveaway for a free personalized wine or pint glass as a thank you for reading my blog through 100 posts!

I will be contacting her shortly to figure out exactly what she wants for her glass and design, and will be sure to post a picture of it up for everyone once it’s complete and ready to ship to her!

Thank you all for participating, reading, and stopping on by to my blog constantly!

Craft You Later,

House Project: Bathroom Painting Success

Why Hello Again Friends!

This weekend was busy and productive. Two things I really enjoy being able to say. Only thing better than those is “relaxing”, in my humble opinion. So this past Friday, my blog entry was about my House Project: Bathroom Painting Plan.

Guess what? I did it! 🙂 WOOOOO! Yay, happy dance, go me! Okay, yeah, so back to reality. I mentioned I’ve wanted to do this for almost 2 years, and my procrastinating self has been unable to get it done until now. My brother was enlisted to help me, because he rocks and is awesome and loves me ohsomuch! (teeheehee!)

repainted bathroom gentle pasture homestead resort cameo white

My Beautiful Repainted Bathroom!

So as for the supplies I used…
– 1 Swifter Sweeper with Wet Mop Pad (maybe 2)
– 1 washcloth and 1 towel – not the good ones! Get some from Dollar Tree!
– 1 plastic drop cloth (huge clear plastic tarp)
– 2 large and 3 small paint trays
– 1 roll painters tape
– 1 ladder, and possibly even a stepladder (depending on your height vs the room!)
– 1 each small, medium and large paint brush
– 1 pack 9″ rollers plus roller holder
– 1 pack 3″ rollers plus roller holder
– Paint of your choice: We used Valspar Ultra Premium Interior Flat Enamel Paint in Valspar Gentle Pasture (6003-4A), Homestead Resort Cameo White (7002-21), and Ultra White (7006-24) — and yes that last is different from my original post, I remembered the name of what we’d bought wrong, whoops! If you want to go look these up, I’d go here.

repainted bathroom gentle pasture homestead resort cameo white painting supplies

Supplies for Painting!

Now for the painting project itself. 

First you need to take the Swifter and clean all of your walls from top to bottom. Then go behind and take a damp washcloth and go over the mouldings, corners, and whatever else you want to paint that isn’t a wall.

Take painters tape and tape along the floors and mouldings, covering everything that isn’t going to be the “wall” color (and no, this doesn’t matter if you’re doing 4 colors for walls or just 1). Don’t forget to cover the edges of mirrors, cabinets and outlets!

bathroom prep for painting

Clean It Up & Tape It Down!

Cover all of your flooring and large items (like toilets and cabinets) with the plastic drop cloth, like so…

bathroom prep for painting

Cover It Up!

When you get all of this done, fill up a small paint tray with your wall color and grab your larger paint brush (or smaller if you have smaller walls and spaces). Starting at the top fo the wall, outline all of the corners between walls, corners with the ceiling, walls with moulding and outlines of all cabinets/outlets/mirrors. Do these in sections per wall, just doing one wall space at a time.

bathroom painting gentle pasture homestead resort cameo white

Cover It Up!

Now paint with your roller, from ceiling to floor, with your chosen color poured into one of the larger paint trays. Use the roller to paint X and M shapes along the wall, again from top to bottom, and paint complete sections at a time. Once you have that done, determine if you need a second coat or not. Taking a flash-on picture will help spot if the paint is thick enough, I found out, as the light will actually go through to the paint underneath (for me it was white) pretty clearly. Yes, I love little cheats like that, and no, I had no intentions of not allowing you this nifty little piece of knowledge!

As you’re painting, you may find you need to use various sizes of paint brushes and rollers depending upon the walls and sections of your room. For my bathroom, I used the roller for the wall walls, the 3″ roller for the thin piece of wall by the shower, the large paintbrush for the ceiling-and-wall-intersections and behind the toilet area, and the small paintbrush for the crevices and smaller sections of the wall space (like behind the mirror area). So do what you need to in order to get it all covered, and remember – a wet washcloth will save you bigtime if you go over with any of these tools whilst you paint away! 😉

bathroom repainting gentle pasture homestead resort cameo white

Layer By Layer!

So once you get that section done, proceed to the other sections and other walls. You want to paint lightest colors before darkest, if you’re layering color combinations, and save the mouldings at the bottom for absolute last!

bathroom repainting gentle pasture homestead resort cameo white

Painting Success!

Most latex paints will wash out of brushes and rollers with just soap and water, so once you’re done be sure to let them soak a bit so that you can re-use them. Make sure you store your paint cans with lids securely fastened as well. If you want to re-use the paint at a later date, just take it back to the store to have it reshaken if you fine it’s looking a little separated!

So —– what do you think of the before and after below?

bathroom before picture


bathroom after picture


Craft You Later,

House Project: Bathroom Painting Plan

Hey Friends,

So this weekend is a big little project for me. I am finally going to paint the bathroom connected to my bedroom. I’ve been meaning to do this for about 2 years now, and am finally hunkering down to do it! YAY! (Don’t judge me for this delay!!!!)

I bought this paint that I absolutely fell in love with for my kitchen (I finished that project on time!), and I am going to paint my bathroom the same color. Weird, you may think, but I’ve always adored blues and greens. I want a WAKE-UP color for my bathroom, and a calllmmmmmm color for my bedroom (to come later).

I am also in love with Lowe’s for projects, so of course my paint and supplies are all from there! As are my painting tips and inspirations!

So this is what I’m intending to do to my bathroom, currently all a shockingly boring white.

Disclaimer, this is as close to what my bathroom layout looks like as I could find, so when I finally get this done and post pictures next week, it will look slightly different!

lowes paint green beige paints

Bathroom Planned Project!

So the colors are going to be Gentle Pasture (6003-4A) for the cubby-area walls, Homestead Resort Cameo White (7002-21) for the other main walls, and Bistro White (7006-4) for the doors and moldings!

So what do you think? Bright enough to wake you up and still nice enough not to drive you insane in a few short weeks? I am super excited to get this done, finally, so bear with me as I get a little excited about this!

Craft You Later,

Pinterest Crafting Desires

Hey Crafting Friends,

I’ve been not-so-crafty lately, but have found some things that I intend to try out in the very near future, so I thought I’d share those with you today! I was looking on pinterest.com (addicting, amazing site) recently and found a slew of ideas! So many ideas, so little time and space!

1) So this pinterest link led me to this ‘Pat and Lindsay’ wonderful Scratch-Off craft idea for Valentine’s Day, but really any day!

diy scratch off card idea

I fully intend to try these for birthday and parents’ day cards!

2) This pinterest link led me to this genius idea for spice storage.

hidden diy spice organizer

I have already enlisted my brother to help me set this up in the kitchen!

3) This pinterest link led me to this PermanentKisses idea for storing non-shared bathroom itemsand probably other areas as well!

individual organizer bathroom toothbrush towel holder

I already know what and how many times I want to do this idea – bathroom, entryway, kitchen – look out house!

4) This pinterest link inspired me to try something similar for storing clean clothing and other items, not just sorting dirty laundry!

wall storage laundry clothing sorting

So many ideas inspired by this unique setup!!!

5) This pinterst link prompted a great idea from MoffattGirls for attracting birds to come enjoy breakfast!

bird feeder toilet paper roll peanut butter birdseed

I plan to put some in front and back of the house to enjoy the birdies!

…and finally…

6) This pinterest link which comes from some friends’ at TwoDelighted, two sisters who are uber crafty, has inspired me for decorations!

vellum paper garland twodelighted

I have some great holiday ideas for making this garland spruce up the festivities!

Hope you enjoyed these ideas courtesy of these inventive bloggers and pinterest’ers! I will keep you posted how these projects turn out over the next few months! Let me know what you think of these, and go check out these bloggers’ pages for other great ideas!

Craft You Later,

Anniversary Gift Acrylic Painting

Hello Craft Friends,

I apologize for how long it’s been since I’ve done a true “craft” post, it’s been a bit crazy trying to find something to do that I think others would like. And to be fair, this idea (actually going painting) was actually my friend’s idea, not mine.

However we saw a Groupon deal for a company called Wine & Design (Charlotte location of course), and we decided to go painting one evening together. Now, we didn’t indulge in the wine part, however this is a place you can bring your own snacks and bottles of wine to enjoy throughout the class. It was a really cool concept, really fun class, and we will be doing it again for sure!

Anniversary Painting – Two Love Birds!

That all said, once we decided to do the Blue Love Birds class, we had our date chosen, and now we just needed to figure out what we would do with our paintings. My friend had a wall in her house in mind, while I decided that it would make a perfect 33rd Wedding Anniversary gift for my parents! So there, we had our plan all done, woohoo!

We get to the class early, as instructed, and got setup with our aprons, acrylic paints and brushes. We got to chose our stool to sit on, and decided to go by the windows so we could have the sun with us. It is a second story location, so it’s a pretty view into the neighborhood it’s near. Now to paint!

Start with your blank canvas on the easel, and paints & brushes nearby!

Paint your canvas completely black to set the background up!

Outline everything with white, then color in the white-for-good parts with more detail!

Detail your blue, pink and purple as desired, and finish up your correction touches!

…and voilà! A gift that just needs a frame to complete it!

Because I am real shy, I asked the people at the studio about frames, and they said they actually have some wood frames that they sell from a guy who makes them locally. Since I figured that it would cost about $250 to frame it at a fancy place, and the frame was very cool looking, I decided to spend the $35 and get one from the studio. What do you think?

Framed Paining Anniversary Gift

My parents, the ultimate ‘love birds’, absolutely loved this work I did. Granted I get my craftiness from my mom, so they are both pro-homemade gifts, however…they still liked it! 😉

So try something like this out for a ‘fancy’ craft project, and check out your local art studios for frames before you buy a canvas – to make sure you can frame it in your price range and your canvas fits in alright! 🙂

Craft You Later,

Shake Your Golf Shakers!

Hello my friends and fellow crafters! I know it’s been awhile since I posted any craft things, so I wanted to post a project I worked on this weekend.

Last week was my mother’s birthday so of course I had to ask her what she wanted from me. Her biggest response: a golf-themed salt & pepper shaker set. Shocked me completely, but apparently she REALLY liked the sets I did of the beach and patriotic sets. And mom is one of those people that decorates for every holiday with a set of dinnerware and servingware that is themed for said holiday. I love her dearly for this, it made holidays super fun and colorful while growing up, for sure!

So what to do, what to do… Mom requested I do a lady golfer on the shakers, and Dad & Drew both requested (read: hysterically suggested) that I have the ball being hit into the sandtrap.

Now timeout here. Mom loves to golf. Mom hearts golf. Mom took me to a golf outing in Myrtle Beach years ago where I ended up playing her short game after she drove the ball. Many times, to our eventual amusement, the ball ended up in a sandtrap. So I have a great  short game (okay fine, it’s just adequate, but it beats the heck out of both my driving game and my mom’s short game) and ended up helping her out of many a pile of sand. So knowing that, my dad REALLY wanted me to do a ball in a sandtrap. So being the good daughter, I did. 🙂

So here is what I ended up with. Momma loved it, but how do you like it? Let me know what you think!

Salt Shaker - Golfer

Pepper Shaker - Golf Green

Pepper Shaker - Sandtrap

Golf Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Craft You Later,

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