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Wednesday Beer Log – March 14.1

Hello Beer Lovers!

I am doing a four-part beer log this week, because I have so much to tell you about this past Saturday’s 4th Annual BEERTOPIA! A Festival Of Beer event that was put on by Baxter Village’s own Grapevine Wine Shop in Fort Mill, SC.

Two words: Beer. Festival.
Two more words: Flipping. Awesome.

So we had advance tickets, a group of 5 of us were going, and I had a plan in mind for sampling as much of the 170 beer offerings as possible while remaining sober. Yes, it was a challenge to contemplate, but I had faith in myself! I was the DD, also, so I had a reason to set that challenge…! When Drew & I got there we saw this wonderful (yet incredibly fast-moving) line in front of us:

Line at 2:15pm for Beertopia: wrapped around 2 blocks!

Once we got up to where we could actually see Grapevine, we see that the York County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for checking everyone’s IDs. BRILLIANT! I mean really – if you get a fake past the cops, they can’t exactly get mad at the business for serving underage – the cops are the ones that let them through! I was also incredibly amused by this because normally people drinking heavily get nervous around cops, but the presence of police was very ‘felt’ at the event, and no one really seemed out of sorts because of it. It rocked on many levels. See?

York Co. Sheriff's ID Check!

So the festival was actually for a reason aside from drinking lots of beer. It is an annual benefit for the Pints For Prostates organization, and this year additionally supported both York County Cancer Association, and the Charlotte Beer Girls’ choice organization, Project Halo.

So what about the beer?!? We got free plastic (and awesome) mini pint glasses for tasting our beers of choice. There were 170 beers represented across 50 craft breweries and 21 homebrewers at the festival. Choices, choices, choices! So today I am going to outline all of the homebrew beers that were available, and then tomorrow I am going to go through the ones that I tasted and my thoughts. Thursday and Friday will be the non-homebrew beers available, and tasted/thoughts. 🙂

Keep in mind there were HUGE crowds (and only 3.5 hours of time) so writing down much was kind of out of the question. Enter the wonder of short-hand-notes, woohoo!

Home Brewers (Competition where everyone voted for their favorite):

– Rusty Agee –> Italian Pale Ale
– Baby Bear Brewing –> Persnickety Doodle
– Bou Baker –> Mocha Bear
– Troy Bigelow –> Pecan Porter
– Jason Bridges –> Razzilla
– Josh Davis –> Mallard Reaction
– Ben Dolphens –> Hopgasm
– Arnold Fry –> Breakfast Milk Stout
– Randy Griesman –> Kumahwannaleia
– Matthew Harter –> The Professor’s Black IPA
– Just Two Dudes –>Wicked Rye
– Legal Remedy Brewing –> Privileged Porter
– Shawn McBride –> Mocha-Chino Breakfast Stout
– Moonshadow Brewery –> Crescent Blue
– Candice Payne –> God Bless American Ale
– Mark Payne –> Blood Ale (Last Year’s Winner)
– Mike Schenk –> California Rye
– Derek Sheffield –> Ruby’s Summer Wit
– Greg Smith –> West Coast Hoppopotamus
– Bill Stayduhar –> Ryder Haus Hefe
– Scott Watson –> Ivanna Chokolat

So that is today’s edition – March 14.1 – of the Beer Log entries.

Craft You Later,

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