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Pinterest Crafting Desires

Hey Crafting Friends,

I’ve been not-so-crafty lately, but have found some things that I intend to try out in the very near future, so I thought I’d share those with you today! I was looking on pinterest.com (addicting, amazing site) recently and found a slew of ideas! So many ideas, so little time and space!

1) So this pinterest link led me to this ‘Pat and Lindsay’ wonderful Scratch-Off craft idea for Valentine’s Day, but really any day!

diy scratch off card idea

I fully intend to try these for birthday and parents’ day cards!

2) This pinterest link led me to this genius idea for spice storage.

hidden diy spice organizer

I have already enlisted my brother to help me set this up in the kitchen!

3) This pinterest link led me to this PermanentKisses idea for storing non-shared bathroom itemsand probably other areas as well!

individual organizer bathroom toothbrush towel holder

I already know what and how many times I want to do this idea – bathroom, entryway, kitchen – look out house!

4) This pinterest link inspired me to try something similar for storing clean clothing and other items, not just sorting dirty laundry!

wall storage laundry clothing sorting

So many ideas inspired by this unique setup!!!

5) This pinterst link prompted a great idea from MoffattGirls for attracting birds to come enjoy breakfast!

bird feeder toilet paper roll peanut butter birdseed

I plan to put some in front and back of the house to enjoy the birdies!

…and finally…

6) This pinterest link which comes from some friends’ at TwoDelighted, two sisters who are uber crafty, has inspired me for decorations!

vellum paper garland twodelighted

I have some great holiday ideas for making this garland spruce up the festivities!

Hope you enjoyed these ideas courtesy of these inventive bloggers and pinterest’ers! I will keep you posted how these projects turn out over the next few months! Let me know what you think of these, and go check out these bloggers’ pages for other great ideas!

Craft You Later,

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention Beth!


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