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Wednesday Beer Log- Noda New Releases

Hello Beer Friends,

I am sure you are going “what about Oktoberfest” right about now if you read my Friday beer log entry. However, I have decided to take this week to write them all up, then the next two weeks to post them up. This way I can be sure nothing is missed, and everyone gets to enjoy the awesomeness that is the list of beers from Charlotte Oktoberfest.

That said, Noda Brewing Company recently released a few new good (okay, great) beers into their line-up. Some for good, some for the season, and some for a very limited time. So let’s observe:

Get The Party Tarted: Cherry Sour Ale (until it runs out)
This beer was inspired by a Berliner Weisse…we call it a “NorthCarolinerWeisse”.  It’s infused with Bing cherries and raspberries. With 4.5% ABV and 10 IBUs, this tart and sour ale is absolutely delicious, light-bodied but full of flavor in every sip. I had two pints in a row of it, it was that good. (Yes, for me that is telling!) I really liked the fact this beer had a sour flavor that melded phenomenally with the tart cherry and light raspberry flavors. It never got too sour, too tart, nor too sweet. It was just perfectly balanced. Nice job Noda!


Get the party tarted indeed!

Dark-o’-Lantern: Pumpkin Spice Porter (Nodable Series, Limited Amount)
This pumpkin spice porter has cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves which lend to a more earthy character, with cinnamon being the primary taste.  At 6% ABV, 38 IBUs and 36 SRM – this beer has a strong malt flavor along with toasted barley, and a hint of the pumpkin pie spices we all know & love. This smokier beer has vague hints of pumpkin, but it is enough that it is definitely classified by taste as a yummy pumpkin porter!


Dark O' Lantern needs some light....or not!

Gordgeous: Pumpkin Ale (Fall Seasonal)
This Pumpkin is hot, and it knows it. Gordgeous uses over 100 lbs of organic pumpkin caramelized with 40 lbs of brown sugar. Noda used whole seed spices cracked on brew day and mixed allspice, cardamom, cloves and freshly shaved whole ginger root to create a unique pumpkin ale. At 6.4% ABV with 17 SRMs and 29 IBUs, this is a fantastic pumpkin ale that isn’t too pumpkiny, isn’t too pumpkin pie-spiced, and isn’t too heavy. The carmelization of the pumpkin comes through the sips, as do each of the spices they added. The ginger adds a nice balancing note that makes it not taste like every other pumpkin ale. This beer has a great “this is fall!” feel to it while you sip it staring at the falling leaves. It tastes, quite simply, like a harvest pumpkin beer should: pumpkin, blended spices and harvest married on a medium-bodied sip of ale. Maybe under a full moon. In a gordgeous tux, no less.

Hope’s Stout: Milk Stout (made for a great cause, click here for more information)
Noda wanted to achieve both a full bodied & complex stout character, but with the drinkability of a session ale, something that wouldn’t be unapproachable by the non-heavy dark beer drinkers. In part, probably because Hope’s dad (see link above if you’re lost by now) is a Budweiseresque beer drinker. Noda added a hefty amount of cocoa nibs to give the beer a distinctive dark chocolate character that melds well with the roasted notes from the dark malts. This 4% ABV, 39 SRM and 35 IBU beer is a definite keeper. This is a lighter-bodied stout, for sure, however it tastes like it was cooked with some steamed milk to bring the comfort of hot cocoa into a beer. I am not kidding here, nor waxing poetic. That is what it tastes like. With a little bit of malted milk ball flavor, a teeny bit of hoppiness (or happiness as the case is), and a lot of  the steamed milk flavor thrown in to give it just that perfect blend of a light stout. If you want a comfort beer, get this one. If you want to support a good cause, definitely get this one. Again, click the link above if you’re lost… 😉

Craft You Later,

Wednesday Beer Log – March 28

Hey Beer Peoples,

So going to go through a small amount of beer in comparison to my four-parter, but I have to say these were some very yummy choices I had last night!

First off, it was $3 draft night at Carolina Ale House, so my coworkers and I took our bi-monthly jaunt over to sample different beers. My first choice of the night was from Red Oak Brewery out of Greensboro, North Carolina. I like Red Oak, their flagship beer, so when I saw they had Hummin’ Bird on draft, I of course had to try it. And for $3, why the heck not, right?!

Red Oak in Greensboro, NC

So this beer is a Hell beer, or Golden Lager, that is inspired by Bavarian beer. Appropriate since Red Oak imports hops from Bavaria! This beer is slow-cold aged for over a month and according to their website, that is what flavors the beer so lushly. I don’t know if that is right on the “why”, but I can completely vouch that the “lush” flavor is deliciously present! This is a great, full-flavored light beer. Yes, I know, that seems an oxymoron in the extreme, but it’s true. It’s not an IPA, but carries over some of the full-hop flavor. This isn’t a Traditional Lager, but carries over some of the full-bodied flavor and yummy after-taste. This isn’t a Light Beer, but has such a light feel to it that you don’t expect the flavorful punch this beer delivers. I give this beer a 4.5/5.


Since I was eating a delicious Veggie Burger from CAH (Grilled Boca Burger loaded with fried onion strings & sweet mountain honey BBQ sauce – YUM!), I decided to try a second beer, and get back to my Stout craze of late.

Highland Brewery in Asheville, NC!

So in comes beer numero deux from Highland Brewing Company out of Asheville, North Carolina: Thunderstruck Coffe Porter. This was a delicious lighty-chocolate, hint-of-coffee porter that had a wonderful mocha-esque after taste to it. The coffee and chocolate balance was very clear and tempered, with neither one overpowering the other at any point. I give this stout at 4/5.


So that concludes today’s Beer Log entry, and hopefully introduces you to some great new brews, more of which will be on the ‘menu’ for next week! Until then….

Craft You Later,

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