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Wednesday Beer Log – Catawba Valley Brewing

Hello Again Beer Fiends!

A continuation of the brewers that were at the US National Whitewater Center a few weeks ago for the outdoor beer event they did. The next brewery we sampled was the Catawba Valley Brewing Company. Mmmm.

Catawba Valley Brewing Company

This is the first I’ve heard of Catawba Valley Brewing, so I was greatly intrigued at finding a new local brewery to try out. Also, their beer logos are great. Observe the above and below pictures for entertainment.

Catawba Valley Brewing Company

So onto the beers, aka the good stuff. Yum.

As you can see in the above pictures, they only brought 4 of their beers to this tasting event, and one is so special it’s not on their website. Unfortunately, we didn’t try that one, so I can’t talk about it at all. However the label is awesome for it. Yay.

Farmer Ted’s Farmhouse Cream Ale

Paying homage to the original settlers of Appalachia and brewed with natural ingredients such as wheat, corn, American hops and free range yeast. This crisp refreshing ale is the product of Catawba Valley’s vision of early American brewing.

Brown Bear Ale

Known for the classic “black bear”, the mountains of North Carolina are home to the extremely rare “Brown Bear”. Though members of the same bear species, the “Brown Bear” has become renowned for its rarity as well as its beautiful chocolate color…traits we hope to emulate in our English style Brown Bear Ale.

Firewater Indian Pale Ale

This golden straw colored IPA is made with 5 varieties of malts and 6 massive hop additions. It is outstanding in flavor and aromatics.

Honest Injun Stout

It’s a desert unto it’s self, this fine ale is produced with 100% malted barley ,free range yeast and LOVE.

Indian Head Red Ale

Indian Head Red is a rich, caramel colored ale. An unique roasted grain creates a sweet malty taste and its distinctive color, and Cascade hops gives it a slight citrusy aroma.

White Zombie Ale

A Belgium white ale made with coriander, orange peel, and wheat. This beer is refreshing and tasty with a sweet and shimmering frothy head.

King Don’s Pumpkin Ale

Perhaps our most complex beer. King Don’s uses five separate barley styles, an artistic touch of hops, spices normally reserved for baking, and really fresh pumpkin! The caramel, spice, and pumpkin flavors meld into a wonderfully smooth, orange-hued beer that sports a luscious, creamy foam head. This beer is available in the fall.

King Coconut Porter

This unusual American Porter has become a Spring seasonal mainstay for Catawba Valley Brewing Company. Hand crafted using the finest malts & hops then infused with actual oven roasted coconut. Combined with the rich chocolaty Porter, coconut, and caramelized barley, King Coconut Porter has become lovingly known as the candy bar in a keg.

Hyper Monkey Java Stout

Hyper Monkey has an eye popping complexity that is unmistakably unique. Its remarkable smoothness and delicious flavor pairings makes this one of our fast growing favorites.

Now, we tried out the White Zombie, as I was in the mood for a Belgian with some zest to it, and it was incredibly delicious. A true belgian-style wheat with a good amount of flavor and a tart zing at the end to bring out the orange zest flavor, this was a very yummy hot-summer-day selection! I am going to have to find the King Don’s Pumpkin Ale come fall, as pumpkin ales are a special weakness of mine!

Craft You Later,

Wednesday Beer Blog: Foothills Brewery

Hello Beer Buddies!

I recently did a beer event where we went and tasted a bunch of beers with a backdrop of the US National Whitewater Center. It. Was. Gorgeous. And sunny and hot enough that my no-sunscreen-applied state (whoopsies!)¬†left me a bit burnt, but hey – eventually that turns into a tan, so at least it didn’t turn into sun poisoning, right?! Maybe? Okay, I give up. Back to the beer…

First brewery up to bat is Foothills Brewery, out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina! This brewery doubles as a restaurant, and uses the freshest ingredients possible for both their beer and food. Having never been to the store, I was excited to get to try their beer again!

Foothills Brews 1 @ USNWC

Foothills Brews 2 @ USNWC

Staple beers year-round (* indicates was available at the event):

Salem Gold

Pilot Mountain Pale Ale

Torch Pilsner*

People’s Porter*

Hoppyum IPA*

Seeing Double IPA

Carolina Blonde

Carolina Strawberry

Cottonwood Endo

Seasonal beers (* indicates was available at the event):

Total Eclipse Stout

Rainbow Trout ESB

Gruffmeister Malbock

Sexual Chocolate

Foothills Red

Foothills Hefeweizen*

India Style Brown Ale


I have had the Hefeweizen, Carolina Blonde & Strawberry, Cottonwood, and People’s Porter. I thoroughly enjoyed each of these beers for each of their unique qualities, and hope to try as many more as possible from this brewery. Another winner of a craft brewery that is hard-pressed to produce anything even just “okay” for each of their styles! Yum! Let me know your thoughts on this brewery and their beers!

Craft You Later,

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