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Wednesday Beer Log – April 4

Hello Beer Fiends!

Now I am sure most of you reading this have already read my post from Monday about the viewing party at Noda Brewing Company for the movie “The Love Of Beer”. And if you haven’t, well, then, shame on you, and get hoppin’ over to reading it! 😉

Back to the beer for today. When I was at Noda Brewing Company on Sunday for the viewing, I got another 4-beer sampler of Noda Beers to try out! Having previously tried 4 of their brews, and not yet finding one that I didn’t like, I decided to be adventurous again. Please, contain your shock, I know it’s a lot to take in, but I trust you can handle it…

First up to bat:

TriUmphant Belgian Style Tripel: ABV 9.7% IBU 35 SRM 6.8

TriUmphant, indeed. This was a heavier “lighter-bodied” beer, if that makes any sense. This brew had a definite “belgian” taste to it, that I really enjoyed. I had to take a few sips of this one to try to narrow the flavor down, and I really didn’t get it quite figured out until I read this from the Noda website, which nails this beer flavor perfectly: “[with] enough Belgian candi-sugar to make an Umpalumpa blush”. That is exactly it! With a little bit of malted citrus (think of that as a candy, I dare you!), but just a TINY hint, to round out the flavor.

Second at bat:

Hop, Drop ‘n Roll IPA: ABV 7.2% SRM 9.7 IBU 80

Can we say hops? And one more time, please! This is a hoppylicious concoction of lighter-bodied ale that had a hint of citrus, but not too much. Mostly it was just Hop Hop Hopping along. (Quit groaning, you chuckled, you know you did, so just admit it already!)

Third to bat:

NoDaRyeZ’d Double Rye IPA: ABV 8.65% SRM 12 IBU 90

I am not really experienced with the Rye Ales, however I have to say the flavoring on this Double Rye added some zing and pizazz to my beer drinking palate: malt with a bit of a bite to it. This was really good, not that I’m surprised with Noda, but hey – new kind of beer, you never know!

Fourth for the home run:

Coco Loco Porter: ABV 6.2% SRM 32 IBU 40

I actually have had this beer before, but as it was my favorite last time, and I had only 3 “new” beers to try, I had to get this one again. Dessert-esque beer goodness? Yes, please!!! Chocolate undertones, and toasted roasted coconut goodness, with the wonder of a porter? BRING IT ON. I mean it, where is my Coco Loco beer, seriously?!? Slacking, I tell you, so sad.

Wait, this is my blog, so maybe I should have had some beer for you? Crackers, what a fail. Tell you what, head over to the Tap Room at Noda and it’s Noda Brews all the time, that should work for us all, right?!? Or there is a whole list right here of other places that serve Noda Brewing Co. beers on-site! 

If you didn’t notice, I really like this brewery. I also would like to say they freaking rock extra now, because I totally (first time EVER) left my debit card there (that whole “start a tab” totally bit me for real!), and since it was Sunday and the Tap Room is closed on Monday (EEK!!!!) I was a bit freaking out (Todd & Suzie: thank you guys for NOT smacking me for that!) that I wasn’t going to have my lifebloo—debit card until Tuesday. NOOOO! So Suzie called me back (you know I had to call and leave a probably-groan-worthy-annoying-to-boot message about my foible with them in an attempt to find the thing), and let me know that I could swing by because someone was there “right now” that would wait for me until I could come get it (since I work 15 mins away and all). HOW SWEET?!?! How awesome?!?! I seriously will forever be a fan of Noda solely because they didn’t call me an idiot for this (me doing it NOR me freaking about it), despite such open opportunity for it! Pretty sure Todd wanted to pat me on the head a few times and tell me to breathe, though, haha… 😉 But anyways, they rock, I heart them dearly, their beer is awesome, and I swear I will never do that tab-and-leave thing again!!!

So now that my Beer Log for Noda Brews is done, complete with a shake-your-head-ruefully story, I hope you all have a wonderful week , and let me know if you have any beer recommendations for me to try and ‘review’!

Craft You Later,

The Love Of Beer

Hello Beer Loving Peoples,

I know this isn’t a “Wednesday Beer Log” post, and it IS a Monday, to boot, however I wanted to share with you a special event I attended this weekend.

Noda Brewing Company did a private screening/viewing (first in North Carolina) of The Love Of Beer – a documentary about women in the craft beer industry. It. Was. Awesome. Completely awesome!

First off, let me say that while this event was heralded by the Charlotte Beer Babes, and the movie is about women in craft beer, this movie is in NO means geared towards just women. This movie was aimed at anyone that likes craft beer, period. And it scored a bulls-eye. Or two. Yeah, let’s go with two. I like that much better, and it fits!

So the mostly-male crowd at Noda paid the $8 per person for the movie ticket. One of the few times I’m completely okay with spending more than $5 on a movie, for sure! 😉 Anyways, the screening costs literally are covered by this $8 so it is going directly back into the movie. Woohoo, go small business support and supporters, yay!

This movie starts off with a picture of hops. Already we the crowd are pleased. Who wouldn’t be, really? Hops are definitely the hoppening thing for craft beer lovers, so what better way to grab your audience by the taste buds and hold onto them? (Shush all you groaning people, you know you loved that corny joke, so stop shaking your head like you didn’t smile!)

See?!?! Yumminess to grab your attention and keep it. Right there. Boom.

Moving on, we have an introduction into the Pacific Northwest Brewery scene, and quite a few of the leading women of the breweries and business that make up so much of the Pacific NW Craft Beer Industry. This includes an introduction into the Pink Boots Society, a women-in-beer organization that targets more women to get into the beer industry via education, homebrewing, tasting and so on. This also includes a look into quite a few women brewers and craft beer workers’ daily lives at various breweries, like Tonya Cornett of Bend Brewing Co. And this finally includes a look into the life and business of Sarah Pederson, publican of Saraveza out of Portland, OR.

The movie touches on each of these women’s lives but also on the aspects of craft beer that don’t have a thing to do with gender: daily production, hop purchasing, brewers conferences, national beer awards, figuring out recipes for new brews, how to get your foot in the door at a brewery, and the list goes on and on and on… This is seriously such a great movie, and I cannot say enough good things about it. However, I don’t want to say too much about it, because I think it is just totally worth seeing on your own, and I’d like to not spoil it!

See the video clip preview of this movie here, courtesy of Vimeo!

There is an upcoming NC viewing taking place Tues 4/3 in Raleigh, NC, at Fullsteam Brewing.
There will also be an NC viewing taking place on Wed 4/4 in Kinston, NC, at Mother Earth Brewing.

If you see this movie, let us (myself, Charlotte Beer Babes, and The Love Of Beer makers) know what you think, as we’re all on WordPress! 😉

Until later, hope you have a hoppy week, from both beer and Easter!

Craft You Later,

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