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Shake Your Golf Shakers!

Hello my friends and fellow crafters! I know it’s been awhile since I posted any craft things, so I wanted to post a project I worked on this weekend.

Last week was my mother’s birthday so of course I had to ask her what she wanted from me. Her biggest response: a golf-themed salt & pepper shaker set. Shocked me completely, but apparently she REALLY liked the sets I did of the beach and patriotic sets. And mom is one of those people that decorates for every holiday with a set of dinnerware and servingware that is themed for said holiday. I love her dearly for this, it made holidays super fun and colorful while growing up, for sure!

So what to do, what to do… Mom requested I do a lady golfer on the shakers, and Dad & Drew both requested (read: hysterically suggested) that I have the ball being hit into the sandtrap.

Now timeout here. Mom loves to golf. Mom hearts golf. Mom took me to a golf outing in Myrtle Beach years ago where I ended up playing her short game after she drove the ball. Many times, to our eventual amusement, the ball ended up in a sandtrap. So I have a great  short game (okay fine, it’s just adequate, but it beats the heck out of both my driving game and my mom’s short game) and ended up helping her out of many a pile of sand. So knowing that, my dad REALLY wanted me to do a ball in a sandtrap. So being the good daughter, I did. 🙂

So here is what I ended up with. Momma loved it, but how do you like it? Let me know what you think!

Salt Shaker - Golfer

Pepper Shaker - Golf Green

Pepper Shaker - Sandtrap

Golf Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Craft You Later,

Shake Your Salt-n-Pepper Shakers

No, really, I mean that literally, not as a euphemism. 🙂 I was at a gun show this past weekend with my brother, who was a vendor, and since I was there just for fun, I brought along a craft project to keep me occupied. It was a simple one, just on Day 2 of the Show, but it was fun, and I enjoyed it! That is really all you can ask of any project, though, right? Fun and enjoyable and keeping you occupied/entertained – all the hallmarks of a successful endeavor!

So I ran to Walmart (shhh, don’t tell!) and I picked up a few glass items, since I had brought my handy-dandy Enamel paints and paintbrushes with me. Two of the items I picked up were sets of salt and pepper shakers. So I decided to paint those.

Now the dilemma, what to paint on salt and pepper shakers? I was at a gun show, but having a Glock 9mm handgun pepper and a Remington 870 shotgun salt just seems a little much, at least when it’s not a custom request. 🙂 So I kept looking around and trying to find inspiration, then realized there were American flags everywhere. So I thought, why not? That is patriotic, something you can use for holidays (4th of July, Labor Day) for special occasions, and also something that is just fine and dandy for year-round as well. Right?

So what do you think? And yes, I painted 13 stripes and 50 stars on, and counted each and every one, too! 😉

Patriotic Salt 'n Pepper

Now after that was done, and I did have quite a few people come looking at what I was doing (probably partly wondering why a female vendor was sitting on her duff, haha), I still had about 2 hours before the show closed, and I did have that second set of shakers handy… So like any good sister, I made my brother give me a theme to paint. He said the beach, like a good brother, and refused to help anymore than that… which is quite alright as I am good at both using google, and enlisting his aid on a continual basis until he helps (aka nagging) when ignored. Yay.

No but seriously, he was a great help recommending the beach, and google and I did the rest. Okay, fine, I did the rest, and google helped me figure out what the rest should be. I think that is more accurate now. Happy? Good. Me too.

So I decided to do a land-and-sea theme, since it’s always nice to have variety in your set when the items contained will be different. There is white pepper, after all!

So the one I did a beach theme, see below.

Palm Tree


Sand Dollar


Then the other I did a sea theme, see below.



Blue Marlin

Blue Tang

And as a set, here we go:

Set Together 1

Set Together 2

Set Together 3

Set Together 4

What do you think? Let me know, I am thinking of making a bunch of different themed sets, and then selling them eventually when I get my stuff set up for a business license. But I would love your feedback in the meantime, and pointing me where I should or shouldn’t go from here on out!

Craft you later,

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