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Wednesday Beer Blog: Red Oak and Kind Breweries

Hello Again Beer Fiends!

A continuation of the brewers that were at the US National Whitewater Center a few weeks ago for the outdoor beer event they did. Since the next two breweries only had 5 beers between them, I decided to combine them into this blog entry. So sue me. (Really, please don’t sue me, this is purely an entertainment thing, no revenue, and my cat would starve, and do you really want to be the cause of that?!?! No? Whew, I knew you were good people, thank you!).

Red Oak Brewery

Red Oak Brewery. Ahhh, good old Red Oak. The name brings to mind a sturdy, don’t-mess-with-me tree, doesn’t it? For me, this is one of my favorite NC beers. I first heard of Red Oak when I waited tables back in my late teens, which was **gasp** almost a decade ago. I have see more and more Charlotte restaurants starting to carry it in the last two years, which makes me happy for Red Oak. Once I hit 21, of course, the restaurant didn’t carry Red Oak anymore (in lieu of Sam Adams, so really, who can complain — as a patron?), so I had to go looking for it to try. All the customers seemed to like it back when I waited tables, so I had wanted to try it to see what all the fuss was about. Score one for me, I found it eventually, and really really liked it. Smooth & tasty, mmmm.

So eventually, about 2 years ago, I was introduced to their other two brews, Hummin’ Bird, and Battlefield Bock. I’ve tried the Hummin’ Bird before, and really enjoyed its crisp, light ale taste. Having never tried the Bock before, I sampled some of that at this event. I really like Porters and Stouts, if you haven’t figured that out from my beer posts yet. So trying this Bock, I was anticipating great things since I like the other two RO brews so much. I was not disappointed, as this was a chocolate-coffee-cream flavor-filled beer that was thick like Guiness, but a little sweet like a Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. It was delicious.

Hummin’ Bird

Red Oak Amber Lager

Battlefield Bock

So that concludes the Red Oak Brewery segment of our event!

Kind Brewery

Now onto Kind Beers. This brewery has a Pale Ale and a Belgian Style Red Ale as well, both available in the bottle or draft around North Carolina. This brewery is based out of Charlotte, NC, and a motto of “fewer things that make up a better beer”. I had tried the Pale Ale at the Beertopia Festival a few months ago, so decided to partake of the Belgian Red for this USNWC event. It was a great Red ale, full of spicy and smooth notes in turns, with hints of citrus winding through each sip to cap it off. Kind Beers describes their two flagship ales below…

“Our Pale Ale is a stronger version of an American-Style Pale Ale but brewed with an international blend of malts including British Maris Otter Pale Malt and specialty malts Belgian Aromatic as well as Crystal 60. It is smooth and at 7.3% alcohol by volume, this stalwart pale ale is brewed to be more robust than the standard American-Style Pale Ale.”

“Our Belgian Style Red Ale pours a deep red and presents aromas of tropical fruit, citrus, and toasted malt.  It is brewed with a Belgian Trappist yeast, noble hops, and malt from Belgium and Germany.  Medium bodied and 6% abv, it is very drinkable yet still has complex flavors that only the right Belgian yeast can provide.”

So there you have it, two breweries from North Carolina, repping it well! Let me know if you’ve tried these yummy beers before, and what you think of them!

Craft You Later,

Wednesday Beer Log – March 28

Hey Beer Peoples,

So going to go through a small amount of beer in comparison to my four-parter, but I have to say these were some very yummy choices I had last night!

First off, it was $3 draft night at Carolina Ale House, so my coworkers and I took our bi-monthly jaunt over to sample different beers. My first choice of the night was from Red Oak Brewery out of Greensboro, North Carolina. I like Red Oak, their flagship beer, so when I saw they had Hummin’ Bird on draft, I of course had to try it. And for $3, why the heck not, right?!

Red Oak in Greensboro, NC

So this beer is a Hell beer, or Golden Lager, that is inspired by Bavarian beer. Appropriate since Red Oak imports hops from Bavaria! This beer is slow-cold aged for over a month and according to their website, that is what flavors the beer so lushly. I don’t know if that is right on the “why”, but I can completely vouch that the “lush” flavor is deliciously present! This is a great, full-flavored light beer. Yes, I know, that seems an oxymoron in the extreme, but it’s true. It’s not an IPA, but carries over some of the full-hop flavor. This isn’t a Traditional Lager, but carries over some of the full-bodied flavor and yummy after-taste. This isn’t a Light Beer, but has such a light feel to it that you don’t expect the flavorful punch this beer delivers. I give this beer a 4.5/5.


Since I was eating a delicious Veggie Burger from CAH (Grilled Boca Burger loaded with fried onion strings & sweet mountain honey BBQ sauce – YUM!), I decided to try a second beer, and get back to my Stout craze of late.

Highland Brewery in Asheville, NC!

So in comes beer numero deux from Highland Brewing Company out of Asheville, North Carolina: Thunderstruck Coffe Porter. This was a delicious lighty-chocolate, hint-of-coffee porter that had a wonderful mocha-esque after taste to it. The coffee and chocolate balance was very clear and tempered, with neither one overpowering the other at any point. I give this stout at 4/5.


So that concludes today’s Beer Log entry, and hopefully introduces you to some great new brews, more of which will be on the ‘menu’ for next week! Until then….

Craft You Later,

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