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House Project: Bathroom Painting Plan

Hey Friends,

So this weekend is a big little project for me. I am finally going to paint the bathroom connected to my bedroom. I’ve been meaning to do this for about 2 years now, and am finally hunkering down to do it! YAY! (Don’t judge me for this delay!!!!)

I bought this paint that I absolutely fell in love with for my kitchen (I finished that project on time!), and I am going to paint my bathroom the same color. Weird, you may think, but I’ve always adored blues and greens. I want a WAKE-UP color for my bathroom, and a calllmmmmmm color for my bedroom (to come later).

I am also in love with Lowe’s for projects, so of course my paint and supplies are all from there! As are my painting tips and inspirations!

So this is what I’m intending to do to my bathroom, currently all a shockingly boring white.

Disclaimer, this is as close to what my bathroom layout looks like as I could find, so when I finally get this done and post pictures next week, it will look slightly different!

lowes paint green beige paints

Bathroom Planned Project!

So the colors are going to be Gentle Pasture (6003-4A) for the cubby-area walls, Homestead Resort Cameo White (7002-21) for the other main walls, and Bistro White (7006-4) for the doors and moldings!

So what do you think? Bright enough to wake you up and still nice enough not to drive you insane in a few short weeks? I am super excited to get this done, finally, so bear with me as I get a little excited about this!

Craft You Later,

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