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House Project: Bathroom Painting Success

Why Hello Again Friends!

This weekend was busy and productive. Two things I really enjoy being able to say. Only thing better than those is “relaxing”, in my humble opinion. So this past Friday, my blog entry was about my House Project: Bathroom Painting Plan.

Guess what? I did it! 🙂 WOOOOO! Yay, happy dance, go me! Okay, yeah, so back to reality. I mentioned I’ve wanted to do this for almost 2 years, and my procrastinating self has been unable to get it done until now. My brother was enlisted to help me, because he rocks and is awesome and loves me ohsomuch! (teeheehee!)

repainted bathroom gentle pasture homestead resort cameo white

My Beautiful Repainted Bathroom!

So as for the supplies I used…
– 1 Swifter Sweeper with Wet Mop Pad (maybe 2)
– 1 washcloth and 1 towel – not the good ones! Get some from Dollar Tree!
– 1 plastic drop cloth (huge clear plastic tarp)
– 2 large and 3 small paint trays
– 1 roll painters tape
– 1 ladder, and possibly even a stepladder (depending on your height vs the room!)
– 1 each small, medium and large paint brush
– 1 pack 9″ rollers plus roller holder
– 1 pack 3″ rollers plus roller holder
– Paint of your choice: We used Valspar Ultra Premium Interior Flat Enamel Paint in Valspar Gentle Pasture (6003-4A), Homestead Resort Cameo White (7002-21), and Ultra White (7006-24) — and yes that last is different from my original post, I remembered the name of what we’d bought wrong, whoops! If you want to go look these up, I’d go here.

repainted bathroom gentle pasture homestead resort cameo white painting supplies

Supplies for Painting!

Now for the painting project itself. 

First you need to take the Swifter and clean all of your walls from top to bottom. Then go behind and take a damp washcloth and go over the mouldings, corners, and whatever else you want to paint that isn’t a wall.

Take painters tape and tape along the floors and mouldings, covering everything that isn’t going to be the “wall” color (and no, this doesn’t matter if you’re doing 4 colors for walls or just 1). Don’t forget to cover the edges of mirrors, cabinets and outlets!

bathroom prep for painting

Clean It Up & Tape It Down!

Cover all of your flooring and large items (like toilets and cabinets) with the plastic drop cloth, like so…

bathroom prep for painting

Cover It Up!

When you get all of this done, fill up a small paint tray with your wall color and grab your larger paint brush (or smaller if you have smaller walls and spaces). Starting at the top fo the wall, outline all of the corners between walls, corners with the ceiling, walls with moulding and outlines of all cabinets/outlets/mirrors. Do these in sections per wall, just doing one wall space at a time.

bathroom painting gentle pasture homestead resort cameo white

Cover It Up!

Now paint with your roller, from ceiling to floor, with your chosen color poured into one of the larger paint trays. Use the roller to paint X and M shapes along the wall, again from top to bottom, and paint complete sections at a time. Once you have that done, determine if you need a second coat or not. Taking a flash-on picture will help spot if the paint is thick enough, I found out, as the light will actually go through to the paint underneath (for me it was white) pretty clearly. Yes, I love little cheats like that, and no, I had no intentions of not allowing you this nifty little piece of knowledge!

As you’re painting, you may find you need to use various sizes of paint brushes and rollers depending upon the walls and sections of your room. For my bathroom, I used the roller for the wall walls, the 3″ roller for the thin piece of wall by the shower, the large paintbrush for the ceiling-and-wall-intersections and behind the toilet area, and the small paintbrush for the crevices and smaller sections of the wall space (like behind the mirror area). So do what you need to in order to get it all covered, and remember – a wet washcloth will save you bigtime if you go over with any of these tools whilst you paint away! 😉

bathroom repainting gentle pasture homestead resort cameo white

Layer By Layer!

So once you get that section done, proceed to the other sections and other walls. You want to paint lightest colors before darkest, if you’re layering color combinations, and save the mouldings at the bottom for absolute last!

bathroom repainting gentle pasture homestead resort cameo white

Painting Success!

Most latex paints will wash out of brushes and rollers with just soap and water, so once you’re done be sure to let them soak a bit so that you can re-use them. Make sure you store your paint cans with lids securely fastened as well. If you want to re-use the paint at a later date, just take it back to the store to have it reshaken if you fine it’s looking a little separated!

So —– what do you think of the before and after below?

bathroom before picture


bathroom after picture


Craft You Later,

House Project: Bathroom Painting Plan

Hey Friends,

So this weekend is a big little project for me. I am finally going to paint the bathroom connected to my bedroom. I’ve been meaning to do this for about 2 years now, and am finally hunkering down to do it! YAY! (Don’t judge me for this delay!!!!)

I bought this paint that I absolutely fell in love with for my kitchen (I finished that project on time!), and I am going to paint my bathroom the same color. Weird, you may think, but I’ve always adored blues and greens. I want a WAKE-UP color for my bathroom, and a calllmmmmmm color for my bedroom (to come later).

I am also in love with Lowe’s for projects, so of course my paint and supplies are all from there! As are my painting tips and inspirations!

So this is what I’m intending to do to my bathroom, currently all a shockingly boring white.

Disclaimer, this is as close to what my bathroom layout looks like as I could find, so when I finally get this done and post pictures next week, it will look slightly different!

lowes paint green beige paints

Bathroom Planned Project!

So the colors are going to be Gentle Pasture (6003-4A) for the cubby-area walls, Homestead Resort Cameo White (7002-21) for the other main walls, and Bistro White (7006-4) for the doors and moldings!

So what do you think? Bright enough to wake you up and still nice enough not to drive you insane in a few short weeks? I am super excited to get this done, finally, so bear with me as I get a little excited about this!

Craft You Later,

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