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Wednesday Beer Log – May 30

Hello Beer Friends,

I am sorry if it seems I’ve been ignoring you lately, what with all my cooking and baking posts. I promise I still love you, and beer, with lots of gusto!


This past weekend, as I’ve mentioned in my baking posts, was my aunt’s birthday, so I was visiting the Raleigh/Chapel Hill area with my parents. I found my new favorite brunch spot. We attended mass at one of the campus churches, which was really nice, then went over to Franklin Street to find a place for lunch or brunch. We weren’t really sure what we were in the mood for food-wise, so we decided to let the birthday girl pick what she thought looked like a good spot.

She picked Top of the Hill, because it had a huge outdoor patio we could see from the street, and this place is, I have since found out, a major staple hot spot for the area colleges. This place also, most importantly, has their own brewery in-house. I was in heaven. Then I saw the menu and was even more so.

I decided in very short order to get their Bananas Foster French Toast for my meal, but then had to make the super tough decision of which beer to drink with it, as they all sounded delicious.

Here is their beer menu from my trip (May 2012).

So after much debate, I asked for the Choo Choo Chocolate Stout. Only to find out that they were sold out unexpectedly after a party the night before. BOOO! So then I decided on the Blue Ridge Blueberry Wheat instead.

It has fresh blueberries in it!

This beer was delicious. Lightly fruity with the blueberry, not too heavy on the wheat, deliciously balanced with a full-flavored hop taste on your tongue, and a great ‘summer’ beer to enjoy without feeling weighed down in everything the beer has going on. YUM. Plus, of course, the blueberries at the bottom when you finished were just a superb ending (flavored with the beer to make them extra yummy – mmm).

Next I decided to try the Old Well White, a white ale with a great orange flavor, that goes down extra smooth with a hint of spice to it. This is a traditional White Ale, in flavor and appearance, and was very lightly flavored so that there wasn’t too much citrus, coriander or hop flavor – it was perfectly balanced. I also tasted a hint of extra sweet spice, not just coriander, and that was incredibly pleasant – almost like a hint of allspice or cinnamon – in the aftertaste.

Nice cloudy white ale on a warm summer day – mmm!

So I would give both beers a 4.5/5 without a doubt, with a definite revisit of this brewery & eatery planned in my near future as well. Road trip anyone?!?! Until later, let me know how you like this beer if you’ve tried it, or what your favorite Fruit/White Ales are from other breweries!

Craft You Later,

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