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Wednesday Beer Log – A Tasting of Fruit Beer

Hello Beer Friends,

It’s that time again, time for a review of some previously-never-tasted-by-yours-truly beers. I was out for dinner and decided that I didn’t know what I wanted to try, as I had about 5 beers on my “hmm?” list, and then I realized that the place I was at offered beer flights!

Joyous, joyous day!

Widmer’s Marionberry Hibiscus Gose!

So, Mac’s Speed Shop was the venue that made my beer day. This is a BBQ joint that I have long enjoyed frequenting for their delicious food, fun atmosphere, and great beer draft selection. Yes, they have PBR, but they also have some high-end craft beers as well. MMMM for everyone!
So for this outing, I tried the following beers in a 4 ounce pour each:

Jared’s Smoked Peach Porter – New Belgium Brewing, Lips of Faith Series
Untappd: 3.54 Average Rating.
BeerAdvocate: 83 Score (Good).
This 8% ABV American Porter was definitely a little disappointing to me. I tasted way too much of the liquid smoke and tobacco flavors, neither of which are appealing to me, and not nearly enough of the peach flavor. I think anyone that likes those smoky flavors more than fruity flavors will enjoy this beer immensely, however… just wasn’t for me, though I do love New Belgium’s beers!

Beer Geek Breakfast – Mikkeller’s Brewery
Untappd: 4.08 Average Rating.
Beer Advocate: 92 Score (Exceptional)
This 7.5% ABV Imperial Stout was a little lackluster in the oatmeal and chocolate flavors, but incredibly strong in the coffee department. The sips start a little bitter on the coffee front, then mellow out a little. I think a dollop of milk (juuust kidding) would have made me enjoy this coffee more as I drink coffee with cream, but anyone that likes black coffee will really enjoy this stout. Having had other Mikkeller offerings, Evil Twin to be precise, I look forward to trying more of their stuff soon!

Cerise – Founders Brewing
Untappd: 3.58 Average Rating
Beer Advocate: 83 (Good)
I. Loved. This. Beer. This is a 6.5% ABV fruit beer that has incredibly strong aromas and flavors of tart Michigan cherries (cerise is french for cherry, as your trivia fact for today), and is definitely a lighter beer than the previous two in how heavy they go down. Obviously. But still. I really enjoyed this after the harsher flavors of the prior two beers – especially with my barbeque chicken dinner. Something about tart cherries just goes straight to a Michigan girl’s palate!

Marionberry Hibiscus Gose – Widmer Brothers Brewing
Untappd: 3.33 Average Rating
Beer Advocate: 80 (Good)
This was an incredible delightful surprise for me, who has never even heard of “Gose” beer before. This slightly sour, slightly malty 5.5% ABV wheat-style beer had lovely undertones of the hibiscus (flowery) that are balanced with the marionberry fruit (think like a blackberry) in both flavor and aroma. I am definitely intrigued by this style of beer and hope to find more producers of it to try a wider range. I definitely recommend this beer, though, on a warm summer night to cool you down!

Craft You Later,

Wednesday Beer Log

Hello Again My Friends!

So last night we had another fun-filled craf-beer-flowing night with the Charlotte Beer Babes, put on yet again by the lovely Tracie (aka QCBeerBabe). Tracie did a fantastic job getting this event put together. First, she organized an IPA tasting. Second, she organized it at The Liberty. Third, she arranged for a semi-private party setting in the bar area, with a pretty nice presentation, plus a selection of appetizers – for $10 per person. Fourth, Tracie just rocks our hops off. Tee hee hee. Yes, I made her a name tag that says that, see!!!

So once the +25 awesome ladies assembled, or most at least, we had a wonderful tour through some yummy IPAs courtesy of The Liberty! Must not forget that home-baked pretzels were provided by the restaurant as well – yummy!

Beer 1: Founders Double Trouble. 9.4% alcohol, 86 IBUs, winter seasonal, citrusy imperial double IPA. If you like a mildly hoppy ale, this is perfect for you!

Beer 2: Avery DuganA. 8.5% alcohol, 95 IBUs, grapefruity imperial double IPA. If you like a hoppy but fruity ale, this is the one for you!

Beer 3: Moylan’s Hopsicle. 9.2% alcohol, +100 IBUs, super hoppy IPA. If you like super hoppy, can-taste-3+-hop-varieties ales, this is your haven!

Beer 4: Mikkellar Hop Burn High. 10% alcohol, +300 IBUs, carmelly & smooth hop flavor, brewed in Copenhagen. If you like super smooth hop flavor, and/or a carmel undertone, then you are like me and in dire need of this ale!

I ranked the above on a scale of 5, in order: 3, 3, 3, 4.

And my favorite, the Hop Burn High, I just had to take a picture of (don’t you just love my purse, too?!? haha):

I also found this fabulous beer app/site called Untappd, that I got to play with while doing the tasting. Really cool, it lets you check in your beers you’re drinking, and location if you so chose, but gives you lots of info on the beer, plus similar beer recommemdations, and lets you rank your beers to figure out bettrr what you like. Whew and that is just a cursory knowledge of the app, yikes!

So y’all let me know what you ghink of these beers, and maybe come join us sometime for a Charlotte Beer Babes event! Until next time!

Craft you later,

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