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Shake Your Salt-n-Pepper Shakers

No, really, I mean that literally, not as a euphemism. 🙂 I was at a gun show this past weekend with my brother, who was a vendor, and since I was there just for fun, I brought along a craft project to keep me occupied. It was a simple one, just on Day 2 of the Show, but it was fun, and I enjoyed it! That is really all you can ask of any project, though, right? Fun and enjoyable and keeping you occupied/entertained – all the hallmarks of a successful endeavor!

So I ran to Walmart (shhh, don’t tell!) and I picked up a few glass items, since I had brought my handy-dandy Enamel paints and paintbrushes with me. Two of the items I picked up were sets of salt and pepper shakers. So I decided to paint those.

Now the dilemma, what to paint on salt and pepper shakers? I was at a gun show, but having a Glock 9mm handgun pepper and a Remington 870 shotgun salt just seems a little much, at least when it’s not a custom request. 🙂 So I kept looking around and trying to find inspiration, then realized there were American flags everywhere. So I thought, why not? That is patriotic, something you can use for holidays (4th of July, Labor Day) for special occasions, and also something that is just fine and dandy for year-round as well. Right?

So what do you think? And yes, I painted 13 stripes and 50 stars on, and counted each and every one, too! 😉

Patriotic Salt 'n Pepper

Now after that was done, and I did have quite a few people come looking at what I was doing (probably partly wondering why a female vendor was sitting on her duff, haha), I still had about 2 hours before the show closed, and I did have that second set of shakers handy… So like any good sister, I made my brother give me a theme to paint. He said the beach, like a good brother, and refused to help anymore than that… which is quite alright as I am good at both using google, and enlisting his aid on a continual basis until he helps (aka nagging) when ignored. Yay.

No but seriously, he was a great help recommending the beach, and google and I did the rest. Okay, fine, I did the rest, and google helped me figure out what the rest should be. I think that is more accurate now. Happy? Good. Me too.

So I decided to do a land-and-sea theme, since it’s always nice to have variety in your set when the items contained will be different. There is white pepper, after all!

So the one I did a beach theme, see below.

Palm Tree


Sand Dollar


Then the other I did a sea theme, see below.



Blue Marlin

Blue Tang

And as a set, here we go:

Set Together 1

Set Together 2

Set Together 3

Set Together 4

What do you think? Let me know, I am thinking of making a bunch of different themed sets, and then selling them eventually when I get my stuff set up for a business license. But I would love your feedback in the meantime, and pointing me where I should or shouldn’t go from here on out!

Craft you later,

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