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Pinterest Craft Ideas 2.5

Hello Crafters,

Pinterest Craft Ideas 2.5 is here! Okay, so I skipped a few iterations… so sue me! (Please, please, please do NOT sue me! It’s not fun to sue a short brunette, I promise, that holdsĀ NO entertainment value at all, seriously!!!)

Anyways. I am delivering on my promise from last week of giving y’all some Fall-Inspired Pinterest Craft Inspirations! Hope you enjoy these!

—Bonus, here are two yummy recipes I found for Pumpkin Dips to put in this display!
* TodaysMama’s Pumpkin Dip
* Pass The Fresh’s Fluffy Pumpkin Apple Dip

Hope you enjoy these inspirations, and until next time…

Craft You Later,

Pinterest Craft Ideas 2.0

Hello Crafting Friends!

So since I know that the craft ideas I originally posted a long while back were well received, I decided to do another grouping of craft ideas brought to us by Pinterest.com! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Summer Lovin’ Had Me A Blast:

Next week I am going to have a “Fall” installation of this from Pinterest, with a few nationwide activities to add in for Fall Festivals and Events! Hope you all enjoy these craft (food, kid & adult party fun) ideas as much as I enjoyed looking them up! Go get your craft on and let me know if you try any of these, and how they work out!

Craft You Later,

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