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Charlotte Beer Babes August Beer School

Why Hello Beer Babes and Beer Lovers!

This past Saturday, August 11, the Charlotte Beer Babes, led by the beautiful & beer-loving organizer Tracie, went to our second Beer Babes Beer School event at World of Beer Southend.

Held the 2nd Saturday of each month, this Beer Babes school is a tutorial for women into the lives of various types of beer, including a variety of tastings to help the lesson sink in better. Our fearless teacher, Preston, continued the learning with a focus on IPA style beers.

For this event, we did add in a ‘bring an appetizer or snack to bolster you’ note for all participants. I actually made some for the group, which you can check out (they paired AWEsome with the Ghost Hop and Death by Hops, in particular) here (Asparagus & BBQ Rumaki, and Island Chicken Kotopitas)!

charlott beer babes ipa beer tasting

Charlotte Beer Babes Try Out IPAs and Appetizers!

IPA History:
First off, IPA styles came about in the 1800s when India was a British Colony. British soldiers stationed in India complained because the beer tasted horrid when it reached them in-country via shipping vessels. The brewers started adding extra hops, which were known for preservation, and sending over to India-residing troops. The original name of this style of beer was, wait for it…. “Pale Ale as prepared for India”. Yup. That mouthful was the full name. Kind of reminiscent of the mouthful of hops it contained, when you think about it, huh?!?

So next, the soldiers return to England and, after drinking PAAPFI for so long, they started requesting it at their British pubs back home. In 1835, George Hodgson of Bow Brewery started making IPA officially…at a whopping 4% ABV! And from there, IPA exploded like the hop-flavor it’s known for!

Fast forward to present day, you will find three main styles of IPA available:
1) English Style: 5-7.5% ABV, 40-60 IBUs (hoppiness) and 8-13 SRM (color).
2) American Style: 5.5-7.5% ABV, 40-75 IBUs, and 4-15 SRM.
3) Imperial/Double Styles: 7.5-10% ABV, 60-120 IBUs, and 8-15 SRM.

Fun fact, the human palate can only process up to or around 120 IBUs. After that it’s hard or impossible to distinguish. (Any error in that statement is mine, as my shorthand notes could just suck.)

So on to the beers that we tasted! Being in North Carolina, with an ABV limit, we had a little bit of limitation on our selection, but thankfully there is such a wide selection within NC standards, that we had 6 wonderful options presented to us by Preston!

1) Dogfish Head‘s 60-Minute IPA: this brew is extra-hopped, 1 extra hop addition every minute for an hour, to be precise! This English-style IPA has a very citrusy and grassy flavor and aroma, and a 6% ABV & 60 IBU profile are evident in this delicious and hoppy treat.

2) Noda Brewing Company‘s Ghost Hop: this white IPA is made with witbier yeast and Northwest hops to give a citrus and pine aroma for this light and hoppy beer. Coming in at 5.9% ABV with 70 IBUs and an SRM of 3.7, this is definitely a unique and delicious choice for hop-loving beer drinkers that also like lighter citrus flavors.

3) Uinta Brewing‘s Dubhe: this Imperial Black IPA was delicious, and probably my favorite of the bunch. Toasted malt, chocolate and hemp seed flavors united beautifully with a strong hoppiness for this dark IPA, which comes in at 9.2% ABV, 109 IBUs and with an SRM of 110! This is more a beer that those who like porters and stouts would enjoy, versus the lighter ales and lagers. However it is definitely one that I think most would enjoy on a cool winter’s eve when you want something hearty yet hoppy!

4) Olde Hickory Brewery‘s Death By Hops: with 7% ABV and 108 IBUs, this incredibly hoppy American-style IPA contains 20 grams of hops per pint! The brew gets 71 pounds of hops added to it throughout the process, and leaves a very hoppy and citrusy flavor, with a lightly piney aroma, in the finished product.

5) Noda Brewing Company‘s Noda RyeZ’ed: this double rye IPA is a spicy and 7-hop-blend creation by Charlotte’s own Noda Brewing Company. This is one of my favorite Rye IPA’s that I’ve tasted, as it has a zing of spice, a hoppy flavor that intertwines with the spice, and an aroma that has hops and spice in it. This is a beer that is 8.65% ABV, with 90 IBUs and an SRM of 12. Definitely worth trying!

And the final beer we tried was….

6) Green Flash‘s Imperial IPA: this San Diego-bred beer is 9.4% ABV with 101 IBUs to it. This beer had an intense pine aroma, and a very hoppy and citrusy flavor. It is in the style of the “San Diego IPA”, a new subset of American IPAs, which is a beer that’s “pale in color, super-hoppy, high-gravity, yet a highly quaffable ale”. This was a pretty intense hop session in your mouth, not going to lie, and it was definitely a good note to end the class on IPAs with for the day!

So that is today’s entry, and I sincerely hope you enjoyed it! I know those of us at the event had a blast (including with Dad-tuck-interloper-dude’s wonderful distraction), and we all cannot wait for the next class, September’s Belgian Beer Course! Hope to see you there ladies!

Craft You Later,

Wednesday Beer Log – Feb 8

Why hello again my friends and fellows! I know I’ve been a little bit slack lately on posting, however I promise to start doing better! I have at least decided to do a Wednesday Beer Log each week, and 1 cooking and 1 baking thing each week as well. So woohoo, I have a plan, yay, lalalalala, and happy doo da day! Now, to get started on the good stuff: the last week in adult beverages, mostly, of course, beer!

This past Sunday was a kinda big day for American Football. You may have heard of it? Super Bowl Sunday…? No, oh well too bad. Yes, you say? Then you were similarly situated in front of a television anxiously awaiting the assumedly-and-hopefully-uber-creative ads that people have spent literally millions of dollars making for this ONE opportunity to hit millions of people at once. And, oh yeah, there was a sport game on, these two teams called the Giants and the Patriots. You may have heard of them. They’re both kinda good at football…. 🙂 And totally non-beer related, this was my favorite Superbowl commercial by far!

So because of this great football game, a few of us were able to get together at a ‘new’ restaurant (only I had  been there before) in Charlotte’s Southend, the British pub Big Ben. They had Crispin Cider on special, and they also had Young’s Double Chocolate Stout in a bottle. So in true current-Beth-beer-of-choice fashion, I asked them to mix my two beers of choice up like a Black & Tan, and voilà – deliciousness in a glass! Take a look at these yummy choices – mmmm!

As a note – I have found that Crispin cider (très yummy!) works MUCH better than Woodchuck for doing this mix. Also, the Double Chocolate Stout is absolutely delicious on its own, and most Stouts work pretty well mixed with the Ciders. This drink, overall, tastes like a really sweetly chocolatey kick in the pants. It is deeeelicious. Truly. A very few of my guy friends that I have had (okay, fine, I totally whined and browbeat them until they gave in graciously and took the token sip I was offering) try this have likened it to a Now Or Later candy flavor. Every other guy that has tried it, and EVERY lady, has absolutely loved the flavor of this concoction.

Crispin Hard Cider

Youngs Double Chocolate Stout

Next up: my brother is a HUUUGE and I mean huge Dogfish Head Brewery fan. He especially, like most people, is a fan of the 60, 90 and 120 minute IPAs. So like a good sister, I treated him to a 6-pack of the 60 minute IPA this week. And like a good brother, he shared with me on Monday while we were catching up on DVR’ed episodes of Flashpoint(yes, I love that show, and yes, you should totally check it out!). 🙂 Yay for good siblings! So the beer, it’s a great IPA, very light and very hoppy, but not too overpowering on the hops. A good light citrus kick at the end of the sip.

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

Next up, on Tuesday, a friend & I tried Troegs BreweryDream Weaver Wheat Beer. I really enjoyed it – a citrusy wheat beer, light enough that it went great with Cheese Pizza, but heavy enough that I didn’t feel like I was drinking a completely bland beer. It added a very nice spice in there as well, which was a perfect balance with the pizza. Highly recommend this beer if you like lighter wheat beers. Similar flavor palate to a Hefeweizen, if that helps!

Dream Weaver

Finally, our non-beer adult drink for this ‘episode’… Today I spent 5 hours  helping one of my good friends get her house packed into a moving truck for her almost-cross-country move. Because my brother is completely awesome, he went with me and was our ‘muscle’ for the event. So after we finished up, I took my brother to TGI Fridays for a hearty dinner. Since my friend is a HUGE fan of Jack Daniels, I decided to have a JackBerry Smash in her honor, even if she wasn’t there to share in the wonderfulness with me. I thought of her with it, so that counts, right?!?! This drink is basically Jack Daniels, Berry Vodka, splash of Sprite and smashed blackberries. Yum!!!

JackBerry Smash

So that is today’s episode of the beer log, hope you guys enjoyed, and hope you let me know if you like any of these drinks and if you have any recommendations for me to try.

Craft You Later,

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