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We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet…

So I typically get songs stuck in my head. Randomly, with full orchestra or band support in the background, background singers (if any) included. It is both awesome and awful at the same time. Awesome because I don’t always need an iPod or Radio or CD. Awful because I don’t actually PICK the songs that get stuck, they just magically appear in my head and stay for the long haul. Sometimes, the haul is longer than others, too. Yeesh.

So this morning I woke up, was thinking about New Year’s Eve plans, and then **POP** all of a sudden I have Freddy Mercury singing Somebody To Love for all he is worth in my head. Full-on background vocal & instrument support from the rest of Queen included. It was awesome, because that is just a great song, plus Queen is great Rock, however I have no clue what prompted it. Then about 2 hours later, I am still thinking of New Year’s Eve plans, interspersed with work of course, and then I start humming Auld Lang Syne in my head. Only I cannot remember all the lyrics, in the right order at least. So I go look them up and find some interesting information.

Did you know that Auld Lang Syne is based off of a Poem by Robert Burns in 1788? Or that it is a traditional Scottish ballad for saying farewell? And that “my dear” was actually “my Jo”? Or that ending the chorus with “and days of auld lang syne” is not the original way the chorus ended?!? Amazing what you find out when you get a song stuck in your head, isn’t it?!

Next song to get stuck in my head (again, about 2 hours later, yes, apparently my song-brain is on a clock!), was the song “Tonight” by Seether, interspersed with “Dark Horses” by Switchfoot. Now, this is where it gets fun. My mind will be humming along with one tune, then switch mid word to the other. Does anyone else do this, or am I just lyrically special?!? Because some days I wonder… 😉 Either way, I really really enjoy both of these songs, and if you haven’t heard them, I highly recommend checking them out. Something about “Hey you can’t count us out… Wait! It’s not over now, We’ve been down but we’ve never been out” just grabs me. I looooove the melody for it, but the lyrics are just great. Then intertwine in “I feel so alive tonight, You got me feeling submile, I want to yell it from the rooftops down” and it’s just a really happy feel-good in-your-mind-remix of some good new rock. And of course, Somebody To Love keeps making an appearance every so often, which just means that I am rocking to my own beat, literally, all day long.

And this is just today. This is pretty much daily, as my coworkers can attest, and luckily it’s usually not awful songs that get stuck in my head. Usually. Every so often I will get one I cannot stand stuck – like (sorry for any fans but it really gets under my skin something fierce & scratchy) Pumped Up Kicks. I really, REALLY do not like that song, and I’m not sure why. There aren’t many songs I really REALLY do not like. But that graces the list. And if you are a fan and reading this, I’m glad you like it, because I think every song should be liked by someone, somewhere. Just doesn’t always have to be me, haha… 😉 Thanks for representing it, though! 😉

So since this weekend is New Year’s Eve/Day weekend, I am also planning to go out and do something (the plans and cohorts are still in progress, but something will be done!), and in the meantime, I am trying to think up resolutions.

The thing with resolutions and me is they usually fail. Why? Because I am an over-achiever and procrastinator. Which sounds complicated, yes. And is, in cases like this. It means I am going to go all out on the making-resolutions and my choices therein, and then I’m going to keep putting off doing them. Sound familiar? YAY I am not alone in this, you say?!? WOOHOO! Welcome to the club! Or thanks for the welcome into your club, if that’s the case… Either way HELLO FELLOW! Now that that is out of the way…

New Year’s Resolutions That May Actually Be Achieved:
1) Lose the drama-only-friends (you know the ones, they only talk to you when they have something major happen, you’re supposed to fix their life, and then you don’t hear from them again until the next issue — and I better not be the only one with them!).
2) Stop avoiding the gym. It is there, I pay for it, and if I want to lose this 20 pounds, I need to befriend it and realize it’s not a snake that is waiting to bite me. ohmmmmm!
3) Start making more dinners at home, and leftovers for lunch. (This seems easy, right? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Then I realized it is not easy.)
4) Meet one new person a week, by name not just having a conversation.
5) Do one new ‘adventure’ each month. Even if it scares me. As much does!
6) Go on a date or four throughout the year, take a chance!
7) Do one thing each week JUST for me. No one else, just me. Even just a walk or a movie.
8) Stop being so critical of myself and those around me. This is my ‘overachiever goal’. Hmmm. We shall see. But that is my resolution extraordinaire for 2012.

Well I think that is a good & sufficient list for 2012, stuff that will help me be a better person, be happy, and most of all – be me! I hope you guys are able to produce some resolutions (or even one) for yourselves that are attainable. And I wish you loads of success in obtaining your resolutions throughout the year!

Happy New Year’s Eve’s Eve Everyone! 🙂 Stay safe, be smart (NO drinking & driving, we would like to see you in 2012!), and have a wonderful & fun weekend! 🙂

Craft You Later,

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