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Wednesday Beer Log – Noda Hope Stout

Hello Beer Friends,

I feel honor-bound, as a full supporter of good causes – in particular causes in honor of/for kids – everywhere, to write today about a beer event that I found out about through a friend at work, via one of his friends who runs CharlotteBeer.Com.

So what is this worthiness I speak of (well, allude to mostly at this point), you ask? Let me tell you about Hope Stout, an inspiring young lady that the world lost too soon. Though from the mark she left on the community and so many people nationwide, you’d never guess she only lived 12 years.

Suffering from a rare bone cancer, osteosarcoma, Hope Stout was diagnosed and in a serious cancer battle over a very short period of time before her death in January 2004. While ill, the Make A Wish Foundation asked her what she wanted for her one wish. Her response was to ask how many kids were waiting for wishes. Upon learning there were 155, she declared her wish was that all of those kids got their wishes granted. When she heard that there wasn’t enough money available to grant the 155 wishes, she decided to raise the money herself. The months-long journey enabled her to raise over $500,000 – and was even more spectacular due to the fact that she did all of this while her disease was trying to take the fight out of her. This amazing girl refused to let it. Her generosity sparked a movement in the Carolinas, and the entire Nation, and eventually the goal was met. Hope did it. She gave hope to so many others. There is way more to this story, of course, but I just wanted to hit the highlights. Also, it’s hard to gather all the facts for you without resorting to emotional mini-meltdown from reading all of this incredibly touching information. Hard to say her life story was tragic when she more than exceeded living up to her name in only 12 years: Hope, indeed.

This young lady was so inspirational, and touched so many people with her selflessness, that there are a few ‘big events’ going on in the near future to honor her memory:

1) A movie is being made about her story, called “Hope’s Wish“. The screenplay is still being written, but big things are happening to memorialize this wonderful and selfless girl.

2) Annual Golf Tourney (October), Gala (March), and Cheerleading (February) Events, as well as various 3rd Party Fundraisers occur throughout the year.

annnnnd 3) NODA Brewing has come out with a beer in Hope’s honor, the Hope Stout. Hence being my Wednesday Beer Blog entry!

This 4% ABV Milk Stout was created by NODA head-brewer Chad in honor of the fact that Hope would have turned 21 on March 4, 2012. The debut of this beer is today (Wednesday 8/8/12) at VBGB Beer Garden in the NC Music Factory starting at 6:30pm. In addition, this beer will start being on the regular line-up starting early fall for NODA Brewing.

I plan to taste this beer soon, and I will do a follow-up with my opinion on it. However I can’t imagine that anything from NODA isn’t going to make my mouth water. And especially something this wonderful, well, the inspiration behind it just will make it that much tastier. So I had to share this with all of you, and I’m sure that many of you will be trying this wonderful concoction in the near future.

So go try a Hope Stout tonight at VBGB if you can, and regardless of where you are – raise a glass in toast to Hope Stout tonight. Happy Belated 21st Birthday, Hope! **cheers**

Craft You Later,

Wednesday Beer Blog: Foothills Brewery

Hello Beer Buddies!

I recently did a beer event where we went and tasted a bunch of beers with a backdrop of the US National Whitewater Center. It. Was. Gorgeous. And sunny and hot enough that my no-sunscreen-applied state (whoopsies!)¬†left me a bit burnt, but hey – eventually that turns into a tan, so at least it didn’t turn into sun poisoning, right?! Maybe? Okay, I give up. Back to the beer…

First brewery up to bat is Foothills Brewery, out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina! This brewery doubles as a restaurant, and uses the freshest ingredients possible for both their beer and food. Having never been to the store, I was excited to get to try their beer again!

Foothills Brews 1 @ USNWC

Foothills Brews 2 @ USNWC

Staple beers year-round (* indicates was available at the event):

Salem Gold

Pilot Mountain Pale Ale

Torch Pilsner*

People’s Porter*

Hoppyum IPA*

Seeing Double IPA

Carolina Blonde

Carolina Strawberry

Cottonwood Endo

Seasonal beers (* indicates was available at the event):

Total Eclipse Stout

Rainbow Trout ESB

Gruffmeister Malbock

Sexual Chocolate

Foothills Red

Foothills Hefeweizen*

India Style Brown Ale


I have had the Hefeweizen, Carolina Blonde & Strawberry, Cottonwood, and People’s Porter. I thoroughly enjoyed each of these beers for each of their unique qualities, and hope to try as many more as possible from this brewery. Another winner of a craft brewery that is hard-pressed to produce anything even just “okay” for each of their styles! Yum! Let me know your thoughts on this brewery and their beers!

Craft You Later,

Wednesday Beer Log

Hello Again My Friends!

So last night we had another fun-filled craf-beer-flowing night with the Charlotte Beer Babes, put on yet again by the lovely Tracie (aka QCBeerBabe). Tracie did a fantastic job getting this event put together. First, she organized an IPA tasting. Second, she organized it at The Liberty. Third, she arranged for a semi-private party setting in the bar area, with a pretty nice presentation, plus a selection of appetizers – for $10 per person. Fourth, Tracie just rocks our hops off. Tee hee hee. Yes, I made her a name tag that says that, see!!!

So once the +25 awesome ladies assembled, or most at least, we had a wonderful tour through some yummy IPAs courtesy of The Liberty! Must not forget that home-baked pretzels were provided by the restaurant as well – yummy!

Beer 1: Founders Double Trouble. 9.4% alcohol, 86 IBUs, winter seasonal, citrusy imperial double IPA. If you like a mildly hoppy ale, this is perfect for you!

Beer 2: Avery DuganA. 8.5% alcohol, 95 IBUs, grapefruity imperial double IPA. If you like a hoppy but fruity ale, this is the one for you!

Beer 3: Moylan’s Hopsicle. 9.2% alcohol, +100 IBUs, super hoppy IPA. If you like super hoppy, can-taste-3+-hop-varieties ales, this is your haven!

Beer 4: Mikkellar Hop Burn High. 10% alcohol, +300 IBUs, carmelly & smooth hop flavor, brewed in Copenhagen. If you like super smooth hop flavor, and/or a carmel undertone, then you are like me and in dire need of this ale!

I ranked the above on a scale of 5, in order: 3, 3, 3, 4.

And my favorite, the Hop Burn High, I just had to take a picture of (don’t you just love my purse, too?!? haha):

I also found this fabulous beer app/site called Untappd, that I got to play with while doing the tasting. Really cool, it lets you check in your beers you’re drinking, and location if you so chose, but gives you lots of info on the beer, plus similar beer recommemdations, and lets you rank your beers to figure out bettrr what you like. Whew and that is just a cursory knowledge of the app, yikes!

So y’all let me know what you ghink of these beers, and maybe come join us sometime for a Charlotte Beer Babes event! Until next time!

Craft you later,

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