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Quick Dinner Night: Easy BBQ Chicken and Rice

Hello Food Friends!

I was in the mood for a healthy, quick and easy dinner the other night, and had just purchased a BBQ sauce from a winery I stopped into – so I naturally decided I wanted to barbeque some chicken up. In the oven of course. I did say “quick”, and since the only grill I have is a charcoal grill, that would completely defeat the point of “quick”, now wouldn’t it? I thought so too. Thus I decided to make BBQ Chicken with Veggie Rice. Mmmmm.

Anyways, as I’m sure many of you reading my blog have learned, I typically add stuff to whatever I’m making even if it is using a prepared sauce of some kind. This sauce, however, I didn’t do anything except spray the pan with PAM before baking. I didn’t even add in water to the pan! I know, I know, contain your shock, it’s hot outside and I don’t want you to faint now…! tee hee hee.

So I used the Laurel Gray Crazy ‘Bout Butts BBQ Sauce, and doused the chicken (sliced thinly like chicken tenders) in it in a shallow 9×13 pan. I preheated the oven to 350, put the chicken in, and baked for 22 minutes. The chicken came out so tender that you could cut it with a fork, and it was incredibly yummy smelling.

BBQ Sauce!

For the rice dish to go with it, I bought 2 pouches of  Uncle Ben’s Original Ready Rice (the microwaveable kind), 15 oz can of Sweet Peas (drained), 11 oz can of Corn (drained), and a 15 oz can of Black Beans (rinsed & drained). I also had on-hand sampler bottles of Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Chipotle Extra Virgin Olive Oil from True Olive Connection, of which I used about 2 teaspoons each. You can substitute regular Extra Virgin Olive Oil for those quite easily.

Rice Ingredients!

To compile the rice dish, I put the 2 pouches of rice in the microwave for 1 minute 40 seconds, then dumped into a microwavable dish. I drizzled the 2 teaspoons of each olive oil onto the rice (don’t mix). Finally I put peas, corn and black beans on top – then mixed the heck out of it! Put it back in the microwave for about 3 minutes, and then mix some more. This should be hot, fully cooked and ready to serve!

Making the Rice.

Now plate the rice, then add the chicken (once fully cooked) on top, and voilà, you have a tasty and very pretty presentation that was super simple! I was able to get 6 servings out of this!

Simple, Quick BBQ Chicken & Rice

Let me know how you like this, and hope you enjoy! Until next time….

Craft You Later,

Easy Sunday Dinner – Fancy BBQ Chicken Plate

Everyone has had that night of the week that they just want to have a nice, relaxing, filling meal, but they don’t want to spend 3 hours fixing it. I had that on Sunday. My brother and his girlfriend were in the same mindset – “Nice dinner but quick, please!”

Now I don’t know about you all, but I always have a selection of canned and frozen vegetables on hand, as well as a good selection of frozen meats (chicken, fish, ground turkey are my staples). Plus don’t get me started on the spices and other staples in my kitchen at all times – I will get all giddy and start thinking about what I should have more of, which will mean my brother will try to talk me out of it. So safer for us all this way. 🙂

As a side note, I feel completely out of date. I just saw a real-not-just-on-TV George Forman Grill for the first ever at my friend’s on Saturday. Their son turned 2 and so they were grilling hot dogs on it. I was enthralled, to the amusement of my friends, and then totally shocked when they told me they had an extra and just gave it to me!

So yes, now you know where I’m going and why I inserted that side note. Not just a random ramble after all, muahahaha. Ahahaha. Yes, I became a George Forman Griller on Sunday. We voted on Chicken for dinner, and creamed corn for the vegetable. I was left to my own devices for what kind of chicken, and what other side item. Always dangerous. >>:-D

Alright, so I went through my kitchen & cupboards and found that I had some barbeque sauce making stuff, and some quinoa. Hmmm. I do like to experiment with foods on my brother. Quinoa sounds like a good way to do that. For anyone who is unfamiliar with this grainy crop, it is pronounced keen-wah, and more information can be found here!

I had bought mine in bulk from Earth Fare, one of my favorite stores ever, and ended up with just over a cup worth of raw black quinoa. At Earth Fare, they put on the bulk items how to prepare them, and this said to mix 1.5 parts water with 1 part quinoa, boil, then simmer for about 20 minutes. So I decided to kinda-sorta follow this. I put about 2 cups of water in a saucepan over medium heat, added a dash of salt, and let it boil. Then I added my quinoa in, and let that boil for about 6 minutes. While it was boiling, I added 1 tablespoon (ish) of olive oil and 1.5 teaspoons of chopped tarragon, to add a little flavor. I thought this up, not from a recipe I referenced so was unsure, but it smelled good (always my judger: olfaction) so I figured we’d go with it… 🙂 Once the quinoa was boiling for a few minutes, with me stirring on occasion, I set the heat on low, didn’t cover, and let it simmer for about 20 minutes, +/- 2. 🙂 There, that is now done!

Creamed corn, I totally cheated and used the canned creamed corn by Green Giant (Green Giant!), just microwaving in the microwave for 2:30 minutes to heat them up. No frills, just creamed corn. 🙂

Then came the chicken. I did this in between the steps of the quinoa fixing, as a full disclosure… I preheated my George Forman grill for about 6 minutes, and while it was preheating (I sprayed it with Pam, of course!), I made up my sauce. Totally made this up from digging in my cupboards and fridge and going off of smell… I’m sure you’re shocked to hear this, but please contain yourselves, as hard as it may be… 😉

5 Ingredient BBQ Sauce!

In a small bowl, dump in 2 tablespoons Iron Works BBQ Seasoning, 2-3 tbspn ketchup, 1 tspn olive oil, 1 tspn worcestershire sauce, and 1 tspn apple cider vinegar.

Mixed BBQ Sauce!

Mix together well until not lumpy. Dip your chicken in the sauce until fully covered. **Note: I put a small spoonful of sauce on each dinner plate BEFORE basting the chicken so you avoid salmonella but get extra sauce!

GF Grilling BBQ Chicken!

Put your BBQ-basted chicken on your grill, close and cook for 9 minutes or so. Make sure it is fully cooked, also make sure (with the George Forman if you’re using) that the drip pan is completely up against the grill to catch the sauce. I actually took the drippings halfway through cooking the chicken, and rebasted the chicken with them – after I flipped the chicken on the grill, of course!

Grilled BBQ Chicken!

Once the chicken is done, plate it on the extra sauce, maybe flip it around in it to spread the bbq sauce love around, and then plate the rest of your food!

Voilà: Sunday Dinner!

And once you’ve plated the rest of the food, you have a simple, quick, pretty, yummy dinner! Note: the quinoa mixed in with a bit of the creamed corn is really yummy, too! 😉

Enjoy and let me know if you like this or not, love to hear feedback!

Craft You Later!

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