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NC Wine Touring: Dobbins Creek Vineyard

Hello Again Wine Friends,

I am continuing the blogging about the birthday wine touring trip I took with some friends a while ago. Today I wanted to share with you my experiences at Dobbins Creek Vineyard in Hamptonville, NC. This is again a Yadkin Valley winery, further part of the 5-vineyard Swan Creek AVA, and a very small and locally grown & run vineyard. This was probably my favorite of the Swan Creek because the owner, Charles, was a hoot. He did our wine tasting, and boy was he fun! He also gave us Cheez-Its for cleansing our palate, which I thought was genius. Cheese, wine, YUM!

Wine Tasting Ladies at the Dobbins Creek Vineyard!

So a little about Dobbins Creek. The land the vineyard is planted on was originally a tobacco farm back in the 1950s, and was later converted to pastureland throughout the 1960s through to the 1990s. In 2000, Charles King bought out land portions from a brother and sister, and decided to start the vineyard. In Spring of 2002, the first vines were planted, with further plantings in each subsequent year until 2005. In 2006, a tasting room was added to the land, taking 18 months to complete. I must say, the finished product is gorgeous – all wood and stone, with a very pretty (and large) front porch that has a great view of the vineyard.

So now onto the wines. I will warn you, these are some of the driest wines in the Swan Creek area, though they have quite a few sweet wines as well. That said, here we go, with vineyard notes followed by my notes below for each! 🙂

Stainless Chardonnay
DC: Wonderful smells of apple and pear make it distinctive. Golden delicious apple flavors finish cleanly. Pairs well with fish, chicken and fruit. Being an unoaked Chardonnay it is very fruit forward.
Beth: Very clear fresh, sweet apple flavors in the overtones and undertones, with a crisp and clean finish, and a very slightly metallic flavor underneath. Very slight.

New Dry Riesling
DC: Smells of pear give nice top notes. Tastes of grapefruit and melon on the tongue with a flavorful ending. Pairs well with turkey, pears and soft cheeses.
Beth: Sweetly dry flavor, with a very smooth pear and grapefruit start, and a great melon finish, that doesn’t overpower with dryness yet retains a slight hint of sweet. This was one of my 2 favorite wines at this vineyard!

09 Merlot
DC: Earthiness and smoke hit your nose. A very smooth finish starting with pitted fruit flavors. Will pair well with most meats and hard cheeses.
Beth: Very smooth, fruity flavor that has a smoked oak undertone throughout, and finishes with a smooth dark cherry note.

08 Merlot
DC: This classic is 100% Merlot. Dark berry flavors of cherry and raspberry give this medium bodied wine a distinguished flavor. The finish hangs on the back of the tongue. Beef, Pork, and meats with sauces complement one another.
Beth: Very dry berry flavor to this wine from the start, with a sweet raspberry flavor coming in and the middle, and finishing on a smoothly dry note that lingers.

07 Reserve Merlot
DC: Big bold, and full bodied describe its taste. Black cherry flavors impart a good amount of tannin. Aged for 20 months in oak barrels. Enjoy now or save for a special occasion.
Beth: The first thing I thought when I tried this is “My Mother will LOVE this dry Merlot!”. My second thought was that this oak undertone balances very well with the black cherry throughout the taste, and finishes like it starts: very dry. This is not a bad thing, I promise you. It would go great, in my opinion, with a really juicy steak or chicken dish, or even a sweeter salad.

09 Cabernet Franc
DC: Slightly lighter than a Cabernet Sauvignon it still packs as much punch. Having raspberry and earthy smells. Flavor starts on the tip of the tongue, building to concentrated flavor on the end. Long smooth finish is accompanied with spice notes. A year round wine that is good pairing with meats and pasta.
Beth: I found the start of this wine to be dry with strong notes of berry, and undertones of allspice, that meld deliciously until a smooth dry-berry finish, almost reminiscent of Craisins in the flavor to me.

Hemric Mountain Red
DC: Red wine blended with Blackberries makes a fantastic fruit wine. The aroma of blackberry encourages you to have a sip. Sweet on the front and a zing on the finish. A glass is all that is needed to enjoy this wine.
Beth: Strong chocolate undertones and blackberry overtones flow together for this just-sweet-enough and super delicious red wine. The only thing I thought while drinking this was YUM. I had to force myself to concentrate on the various flavors. Clearly this is my other favorite wine here! I also bought a bottle as this inspired me to attempt (at a future date) a Hemric Red-soaked wafer for a Tiramisu. Stay tuned for that! 😉

Hemric Mountain Blush
DC: Presenting this 2009 as our blush Cabernet Franc. A hint of sweetness gives this wine fragrant smells and flavors of strawberry. This red grape sits on the skins for a brief time. The juice is then pressed off to achieve its beautiful color. A semisweet wine pairing with fruit, soft cheese and spicy food.
Beth: This is indeed a semisweet wine, somewhat reminiscent of a White Zinfandel, however nowhere near as sweet (thank goodness). Very fruity undertones of strawberry stay on your tongue throughout each sip, and it finishes on a slightly sweet and tart note.

Hemric Mountain Rosé
DC: Summer Porch Wine. Details to come as this is a new release.
Beth: This is indeed a summer porch wine. This very lightly fruity, very sweet (but not overly so) wine starts with hints of berries and finishes on a very crisp note. A little sweet for me, but definitely something full-flavored yet light for a hot summer eve.

Sweet Riesling
DC: Details to come as this is a new release, however this is the sweet version of the Dry Riesling.
Beth: This sweet wine that starts with delicious pear flavors, has middle notes of citrus and melon, and finishes with a smooth and slightly sweet note that lingers. Very good, but I am biased towards the Dry Riesling a bit… 😉

Let me know if you’ve had their wines, and if you agree/disagree or your thoughts on things. Hope you enjoyed this!

Craft You Later,

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