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Happy Father’s Day!

It has dawned on me from recent conversations that many people forget about Father’s Day, after so much focus on Mother’s Day. In our family, you had to start thinking early for both so you could decide what to get or make for the gifts. Our parents made us work for ideas! 😉

Dad is especially hard to gift, since he always says all he needs is time with his kids. And means it. So getting him to admit he needs more is a yearly ritual that involves some kind of secret finagling from mom, repeated ‘asks’ by my brother & I, and finally an answer. He gets to see us too, of course!

So in honor and memory of all those great DADs out there, who suffer gladly through getting hot pink ties from their daughters (and wear them!), endless tools from their sons, and all sorts of haphazardly created craft projects from kids of all ages – after suffering truly through diapers, sickness, growing pains, nightmares, school drama, teenage years, and all that went in between…

Here is to you, and much love from your kids (and grandkids), be they of blood or heart or friendship, on this day to tell you how much we appreciate and love you!








Craft You Later,

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  1. Great sentiments, Bethie!


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