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Wednesday Beer Log – March 28

Hey Beer Peoples,

So going to go through a small amount of beer in comparison to my four-parter, but I have to say these were some very yummy choices I had last night!

First off, it was $3 draft night at Carolina Ale House, so my coworkers and I took our bi-monthly jaunt over to sample different beers. My first choice of the night was from Red Oak Brewery out of Greensboro, North Carolina. I like Red Oak, their flagship beer, so when I saw they had Hummin’ Bird on draft, I of course had to try it. And for $3, why the heck not, right?!

Red Oak in Greensboro, NC

So this beer is a Hell beer, or Golden Lager, that is inspired by Bavarian beer. Appropriate since Red Oak imports hops from Bavaria! This beer is slow-cold aged for over a month and according to their website, that is what flavors the beer so lushly. I don’t know if that is right on the “why”, but I can completely vouch that the “lush” flavor is deliciously present! This is a great, full-flavored light beer. Yes, I know, that seems an oxymoron in the extreme, but it’s true. It’s not an IPA, but carries over some of the full-hop flavor. This isn’t a Traditional Lager, but carries over some of the full-bodied flavor and yummy after-taste. This isn’t a Light Beer, but has such a light feel to it that you don’t expect the flavorful punch this beer delivers. I give this beer a 4.5/5.


Since I was eating a delicious Veggie Burger from CAH (Grilled Boca Burger loaded with fried onion strings & sweet mountain honey BBQ sauce – YUM!), I decided to try a second beer, and get back to my Stout craze of late.

Highland Brewery in Asheville, NC!

So in comes beer numero deux from Highland Brewing Company out of Asheville, North Carolina: Thunderstruck Coffe Porter. This was a delicious lighty-chocolate, hint-of-coffee porter that had a wonderful mocha-esque after taste to it. The coffee and chocolate balance was very clear and tempered, with neither one overpowering the other at any point. I give this stout at 4/5.


So that concludes today’s Beer Log entry, and hopefully introduces you to some great new brews, more of which will be on the ‘menu’ for next week! Until then….

Craft You Later,

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