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Wings For Lia Joy – Fundraiser

Hey Everyone,

I normally am a little goofy in my posts, but this one I am going to be completely serious, and I appreciate your help, time and thoughts in advance.

Lia Joy Frank

There is a 3 year old little girl that needs our help. Her name is Lia Joy, and she has an undiagnosed disease that has been with her since birth, which has caused her to be on oxygen her whole life, and has progressed into neuromuscular problems. The medical and associated expenses have gotten huge, and her family is in need of help. Her 6 year old brother, Zaya, is a real trooper and is being homeschooled to better help the family with meeting Lia’s needs. In addition, Lia is in such pain that she can no longer cuddle with Zaya, and has to resort to sign language instead of speaking as she has so little energy and breath.

Sibling Love

Some kind souls are putting together a fundraiser this riday, 3/9/2012, in Monroe, NC that is an auction and concert combination event. The auction is also going to be online during the ‘auction time’. The restaurant, Bibi – a beautiful taste, is located at 232 E. Franklin St, Monroe, NC 28112.

The auction will be on-site and online as follows: Small pieces 6:30-7:30pm; Medium pieces 7:31-8:30pm; and Large pieces 8:31-9:30pm. The auction items include jewelry, NASCAR collectables, wind-chimes, hand-knit textiles, framed photographs, paintings, drawings and keychains. While some of these items are valued at up to $800, none of them start the auction at higher than $65 – and 100% of the proceeds are going to the family.

The band that is going to be playing is One Big Love, and they will be playing before, during and after the auction.

Now before you say “well how do we know this is real”, let me tell you how I heard about Lia. One of my coworkers and good friends is donating 7 framed photographs to this auction. And he found out about it because this brave little girl is the neice of a good friend of his. So I promise you that this has been verified as a real need, a real cause, and a real wonderful little girl. I do a lot with non-profits and friends’ kids fundraisers, so I know that unfortunately some are not so credible. But hopefully this assurance that this is legitimate will help.

Even if you can’t bid on an item, show up in person, they have a paypal account setup to donate for smaller amounts. Every dollar is appreciated and goes straight to the family. The website fee is actually donated by someone, and kept up by another benefactor, so they don’t even have those fees to expense. And if you can’t do any donation, could you, would you, please just keep them in your thoughts and prayers?

From what they are seeing, they’re not even sure if “Lia’s Disease” is going to be cureable, but at this point they just want Lia as comfortable as possible. And a large part of that is going to involve inner strength from the family to see this through for their little girl.

Thank you SO much for even reading this post, and thank you so very much for any thoughts, time, talent and monetary donations you can provide for this precious little girl and her family.

Craft You Later, and truly THANK YOU for reading!

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1 Comment

  1. Martha Frank Jablonski

     /  April 18, 2012

    Hi Beth,
    I am one of Lia’s aunts and I just randomly came across your page. I don’t know who you are or who your coworker is who donated and shared the news with you, it may have been one of my friends, but I just want to say how overwhelmingly touching it is to know you did this and you don’t even know us, my brother, or my niece. You have such a beautiful heart to go out of your way to share Lia’s heartbreaking story and I wonder how much of the success of the auction came from your post. We made over $3000 for them that night and the exposure and just getting the word out has brought in more donations through their website, liajoy.me. They were able to finally buy a large enough car that can accommodate Lia’s oxygen tanks, her wheelchair, her service dog, and her brother, mom, and dad! And it is paid in full AND a reliable ride for them (they live in the middle of nowhere, practically, so reliability has been a big problem). So they can not only get to their Dr appointments and hospital visits, but also out and about to enjoy normal activities! Yay!
    I will share your post with my brother and his wife and while they may not be able to respond (life is crazy for them right now, as you can imagine), they will be so touched to see that you did this for us. I pray you receive many many blessings, tenfold, because you have blessed us and helped make our sweet Lia’s life better.
    (And please continue thinking of and praying for Lia. They had to cancel a Make A Wish trip for the second time because she’s back in the hospital and they’ve had to take out her feeding tube after discovering two different staph infections in the line, so she has no nutrition as of yesterday and we don’t know how soon she can get “fed.” Things are very scary right now an they could use your prayers.)
    Thank you, so so much.


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