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Crafting Around The Christmas Tree…

Annnnnnd we’re back to crafting. Whew it feels like it’s been forever! So for Christmas this year, for most of my friends, particularly at work, I decided to make personalized wine & pint glasses based on their favorite things. If I had been smart, I would have pulled a Sound of Music, and made them sing about their favorite things. But I’m nice (and realistic) so instead I got sneaky. I asked everyone “in a poll” if they could only cheer for one sports team for the rest of their lives, regardless of Pro or College, regardless of which sport, who would the team be to which they were forever tied. There were a few people who are not sports fans, and for them I asked instead what their absolute favorite thing (not person) in the world is, no matter the category. I will tell you I got some very interesting answers all around. As for the Pro vs College poll, it was also interesting – almost 50-50 with each. Surprised the heck out of me, that’s for sure!

So what exactly did I do? For some of the designs, it was difficult to freehand, as I’ve established is my preferred way to paint. So I had to go look up all the teams and other items as graphics, copy them (sized to roughly 3″ for largest side) to a word document and print them out. Then I cut them each out, and decided which ones would be freehand, and which would be outlined. I am really really bad about holding the paper in the same spot, so outlining is about as good as I get. I do most of the generic shape outlined, then freehand like crazy for everything else. I may put the graphic next to me and look at it to paint, but it’s not tracing, so I’m happy. 🙂

So once my outline is on the glass, in a myriad of colors for all of the creations, then I fill in the rest of the design. Rubbing alcohol IS my friend, though. Holy cow. Until you bake it, the paint is very easy to remove and redo. Cotton balls and extra paint brushes are also key as you can dip either into water or rubbing alcohol and use them to touch up your design.

I also mix my own colors (Patiots blue from below, for example) for some of the more ‘unique’ colors. But that is just my penchant for creating random & unique things coming out. I promise it’s not necessary. That said, what do you think of my collection?

Disclaimer: everyone at work has not received theirs yet, so consider this your spoiler alert if one is needed because you’re my coworker, haha… 😉


Puppy Love





Red Sox

ECU Pirates

Another Panther Fan



GA Tech

Beer on a Beer



UNC (hard to see with my background, I know, sorry!)

Syracuse Meet The Giants

A Snapshot of Harry Potter

Another Duke Fan


A Birthday Girl


A Collection of Pints

A Collection of Wine Glasses

Before Baking

Baking Glass!

Well that is it for today (and no, this isn’t all I’ve created of late), hope you enjoyed!

Craft you later,

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  1. Hey Bethany! Thanks for linking us at the top. That is SO SWEET! These turned out fantasical. Very impressive for free-handing some. That is so hard on weird surfaces like glasses! Your mason jars also look great! Happy New Year!

    • Thanks Megan, you girls inspired me with the Mason Jars, and your delightful blog! Thanks for the feedback on the glasses, too! I really enjoyed getting a non-spam comment, as well, so thank you for being the first to venture into comment-land for me, haha! 😉


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